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The 14A-2 District Court handles all misdemeanor cases arising in the city of Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan University, Ann Arbor Township, Augusta Township, Salem Township, Superior Township, and the Village of Barton Hills.

Judge Kirk Tabbey presides at the 14A-2 District Court.

Typical misdemeanors cases include:

For more information on different types of misdemeanor crimes visit our misdemeanor page.

Traffic tickets and other civil infractions are also handled in the 14A-2 District Court.

The Court has jurisdiction over preliminary examinations in felony cases, which are held at the 14A-1 Service Center. Felony cases moving past the district court stage proceed to theĀ Washtenaw County Circuit Court.

The 14A-2 District Court is located at 415 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

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