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A$AP Rocky Found Guilty in Sweden Trial, But Will Serve No More Jail

August 21, 2019 Criminal Law and Procedure

A$AP Rocky, the American rapper on trial for assault charges in Sweden, was found guilty by a judge following a three-day trial.

At the conclusion of the trial, the judge released Rocky from jail pending a verdict. Swedish legal experts pointed out this meant either a not guilty verdict or a guilty verdict with no more jail as a sentence.

Rocky had been in custody pending the trial, serving about a month of jail time.

What Happened in the Case

Rocky and two members of his entourage were walking down a street in Stockhold, Sweden, where he had performed in a music festival.

Two men, for unknown reasons, started following Rocky and harassing him. Rocky and his bodyguard are seen on video repeatedly telling the men to leave them alone. The men are persistent and continued to follow Rocky despite the requests they stop. The situation becomes more and more tense, and the men seem to initiate physically by throwing headphones at Rocky’s bodyguard. Rocky and his crew then get in a fight with the two men.

At trial, Rocky and his crew plead not guilty and argued self-defense. Their testimony related they were uncertain what the two men were going to do. Much of the arguments centered on whether Rocky or his crew had used a bottle during the fight.

During closing argument, prosecutors had requested Rocky serve six months total jail time as a sentence.

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