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Five Michigan Towns Reject Marijuana Decriminalization

November 5, 2014 Criminal Law and Procedure

The towns of Clare, Frankfort, Harrison, Lapeer, and Onaway all voted to reject pro-marijuana measures on the ballot yesterday.

The measure in Lapeer failed by only six votes.

These towns bucked the trend in this election, which saw the residents of Saginaw, Port Huron, Mt. Pleasant, Huntington Woods, and Berkley vote to decriminalize marijuana, with the town of Pleasant Ridge voting to make the enforcement of marijuana-related offenses the lowest police priority. In August, the cities of Oak Park and Hazel Park approved pro-marijuana measures.

Please keep in mind that this does not mean marijuana is legal in these cities. A person with marijuana can still be charged under state or federal – just not city law.

Nevertheless, these pro-marijuana measures are symbolic of the large amount of public support that marijuana decriminalization and legalization has in Michigan.

In addition, city police officers lose incentive to enforce state marijuana law because the city will not reap the financial gain of a marijuana charge.

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