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ArborYpsi Law can represent you in a gun rights restoration case. Certain felony convictions will require you to file a petition in the circuit court to get your gun rights back. Possession of a gun without your gun rights intact is a felony.

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Get Your Gun Rights Back

The best route for your gun rights is to file for expungement because an expunged conviction (meaning the conviction becomes non-public) clears your record as well as restores your gun rights.

An expungement may not be available though, as it depends on your previous convictions. Where an expungement is unavailable we must file for your gun rights in the county circuit court.

This involves a petition to a circuit court judge proving your ability and qualifications to restore your gun rights.

Are You Eligible for Gun Rights Restoration?

Before we can file for your run rights back, make sure you are eligible.

Five years must pass from the date of conviction, and

  • Fines are all paid,
  • All terms of imprisonment have been served, and
  • All requirements of probation or parole are met.

What Felonies Require A Gun Rights Restoration Petition?

A specified felony is a felony in which the crime involved;

  • The use, attempted use, or threatened physical force against the person or property of another, or that involved a substantial risk that physical force against he person or property  of another
  • A controlled substance
  • The unlawful possession or distribution of a firearm
  • The unlawful use of an explosive
  • A burglary of an occupied dwelling, or breaking and entering of an occupied dwelling, or arson.

For convictions of all other felonies, there is no requirement for a gun rights restoration petition.

Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a person without gun rights is a felony.

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