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March 30, 2018 Criminal Law and Procedure

Haven’t checked out or legal blog in a while? We’ve collected a few articles here of interest.

Any criminal charge is serious. But felony charges are always more serious than misdemeanors. Some felonies are much more serious than other felonies. The felony process in the criminal justice system is more complicated than the misdemeanor process. The risks and exposure of going to trial can be greater than the risks of a misdemeanor trial. ArborYpsi Law regularly represents defendant clients in felony cases, so we are familiar with the process. Read our article on the Felony Process to learn about this complex area of law.

In Michigan, it is against the law to conceal a firearm unless you have a concealed pistol license. Carrying a concealed weapon is a serious felony. How do you get a firearm around if you don’t have a concealed weapons permit? You need to do what’s called “open carry.” Note: There is no such thing as open carry in a car or vehicle. But when you’re not in a car, the firearm must be carried in a way that is visible to others. This might sound counter-intuitive but that’s the law. You’re supposed to carry the firearm in a way that others can see. Read our legal article on open carry in Michigan.

And More Articles

We all know that the legal limit for drinking and driving is .08. What if you’re driving with a blood alcohol content of under .08? Can you still be convicted of a DUI for like a .07 or a .06? Is that still illegal? It certainly can be. Just being under .08 does not guarantee you safety from the law. Read Can I Be Convicted of Drinking and Driving With a BAC of Under .08 to learn more answers. Don’t risk legal trouble. Learn the law on driving under the influence to avoid legal problems.

Some Michigan towns don’t like pit-bulls. These dogs can be love them or hate them. There are many townships and cities that have laws on the books regulating pit-bulls. The Michigan legislature has been working on creating a law that would prevent individual cities from enacting ordinances that target these wonderful dogs. Read our article on Michigan Moves Closer to Banning Breed-Specific Ordinances.

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In the last week, we have appeared in court for a preliminary examination on felonious assault, filed a hardship appeal for a restricted license, were victorious on a driver’s license restoration, prepared for a DUI trial with a client, appeared in court for cases such as felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a financial transaction device, and much more. We strive for excellence, and recognize that clients expect results. We are prepared to fight your case and take it to trial. No trial is too insignificant for our attention. We will try any case that is charged.