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Matt Lauer Accused of Rape

October 12, 2019 Criminal Law and Procedure

Former Today Show host, Matt Lauer, is being accused of rape. Brooke Nevils, who worked with Lauer, is accusing the former NBC star of forcing himself on her at the 2014 Sochi Olympic games.

The Alleged Assault

Both Lauer and Nevils were on assignment covering the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. They were at a bar with colleagues one evening consuming large amounts of alcohol. Lauer asked Nevils to join him in his hotel room and Nevils agreed. She states that Lauer was always friendly with her and she did not suspect him to be violent. Once there Nevils claims that Lauer allegedly attacked and raped her. She states because she had six shots of alcohol that she was too impaired to give him permission, particularly consent to anal sex.

Lauer states while in Sochi the two engaged in consensual oral, vaginal, and anal sex. He states she was a willing and active partner that never protested or signaled she was in any pain.

Post Sochi 2014

After the 2014 olympics the pair carried out a mutual sexual affair in New York City. There were numerous occasions of consensual sex.

Nevils claims she grew fearful that Lauer could harm her career that she had worked so hard for. However, Lauer rejects these beliefs saying that Nevils worked for Meredith Vieira and he had no control over her employment.

The Impact

Nevils says the alleged rape in Sochi caused her to abuse alcohol. She eventually told her boss, Vieira of Lauer’s alleged inappropriate sexual misconduct towards her. Vieira told her to go to human resources with an attorney. Once NBC was made aware of the alleged sexual abuse they removed Lauer from his position and provided Nevils with a substantial settlement. Once Lauer was removed from his position other parties came forward also accusing him of sexual harassment.

Lauer has been open about sexual affairs with his former co-workers, but adamantly denies rape accusations.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

While these accusations by Nevils are particularly disturbing it is important to not jump to conclusions. This is a classic case of, “He said, she said.” Clearly, the two have different accounts and views about what took place in Sochi, Russia. Since the alleged rape took place in Sochi, Russia Lauer will not face rape charges here in the United States. However, he will face the court of public opinion. While we all want sexual predators to be punished it is crucial to remember that there are two sides to every story. Do not be so quick to judge.

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