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New Proposed Laws Would Expand Gun Rights

May 5, 2019 Criminal Law and Procedure

Several Michigan lawmakers have proposed a slate of bills that would eliminate regulations in several areas regarding gun rights, carrying a concealed weapon, and concealed license permits. Lawmaker say these bills are an effort to strengthen Second Amendment rights in Michigan.

The Bills Include:

House Bill 4029 – This bill would allow people to carry a concealed piston or a hunting knife without a permit. Currently, a person needs a concealed pistol license to carry a pistol on their person that is concealed, or in a car. This bill will probably meet with opposition from law enforcement groups.

House Bill 4026 – This bill would eliminate the restrictions on carrying a concealed pistol into certain places. People without a concealed pistol license would not be able to bring a firearm into these areas. These types of restricted places currently include schools and day cares for example. Read a full list of the places where a person cannot bring a concealed pistol here.

House Bill 4097 – Would allow retired police officers to carry firearms into gun free zones. A person without a CPL may not carry a gun (open-carry) on certain prohibited premises (MCL 750.234d). This bill creates an exception for retired police officers. Here is a full list of those gun free zones.

House Bill 4554 – Removes the registration requirement for pistols. Currently, when you buy a pistol, you obtain a license, and then turn that license back over to authorities. The bill also allows people who have already registered to request the Michigan State Police remove their names from the registry.

House Bill 4021 – Creates a lifetime concealed pistol license. Those with licenses could simply renew by mail and not appear at the county clerk’s office in person.

House Bill 4434 – Bill would reduce the penalties of a carrying a concealed weapons charge where the person had a CPL that expired within one year of the offense. The person must still be eligible for a concealed pistol license at the time of the offense. The CCW charge would go from a felony to a civil infraction. A person can eliminate the fine if they apply for a new CPL within 60 days of the violation. A second offense would be a misdemeanor. This bill has been passed by the house.

House Bill 4331 – Allows a person to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle on another person’s property if the person has permission from the property owner or lessee. Current law does not allow a person to carry a firearm in a vehicle off their property unless the firearm is unloaded, in a locked case, and in a trunk or inaccessible. This bill would create an exception for these circumstances.

House Bill 4200 – Makes carrying a concealed pistol in a prohibited area a civil infraction. Currently a carrying concealed weapon in a prohibited area is a civil infraction for a first offense, a misdemeanor for a second offense, and a felony for a third offense. This bill would make it a flat civil infraction. The fine is also reduced from the current $500 to a fine of $100.

House Bill 4022 – Would reduce fees for involved concealed pistol licenses.

House Bill 4194 – Would extend the life of a CPL issued after 2016 from five years to ten years.

House Bills 4027 and 4028 – Updates of sentencing guidelines and state natural resource laws that reflect the changes the above bills would produce. Specifically, several of the proposed bills above reference the felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon, which is a 5-year felony, and in general a very common charge.

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