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Police Officer Acquitted after Shooting and Killing of Antwon Rose

March 6, 2019 Uncategorized

In June of 2018 Antwon Rose II was shot and killed by a white police officer, Michael Rosfeld. Rosfeld stopped a car that had been identified in a drive-by shooting. After the car was pulled over Antwon fled from the car. Rosfeld shot him three times, including one time in the back. Antwon was without a weapon when he was shot and was not a threat to the officer. Rosfeld stated he thought the 17 year old had pointed a gun at him. No weapon was found on the suspect, however, guns were later found in the automobile. The jury was faced with the question of was Rosefeld justified in using lethal force.

The trial lasted 4 days and it only took the jury 4 hours to acquit the officer of all charges. Rose’s family attorney states that they will take the case to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Rose’s family is outraged with the verdict. They want justice for Antwon. There were many protests in Pittsburgh after the killing of Rose. After the verdict was released protests continued in the city.

The attorney for Rosefeld stated the defendant is a good man. He claims his client was doing his job and that it had nothing to do with race.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

There are many cases where officers use excessive, unnecessary force when encountering young black males. No citizen, no matter what their race, should be subject to this type of treatment. Lethal force or excessive force should only be used by an officer if their life or another’s life is in danger. Antwon Rose was an unarmed minor that was fleeing the scene. In no way was he endangering the officer’s life. Unfortunately, there are so many more cases that are similar to Antwon’s. It is our job as a society to continue to stand up and protest unjust and unfair cases like the one above. Only then will we see changes in the law enforcement culture and justice system.

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