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Smoking Medical Marijuana Finally Legalized in Florida

March 19, 2019 Medical Marijuana

After a long political journey, medical marijuana patients in Florida may legally light up.

What Does the New Law Allow?

Medical Marijuana patients can now obtain 2.5 oz of whole flower cannabis every 35 days and smoke it. Those younger than 18 can smoke if they have a terminal condition and have approval from their pediatrician.

What’s Next for Marijuana in Florida?

Republican Senator, Jeff Brandes, states the legalization of recreational marijuana use is on the horizon. He expects it to pass in the coming elections and join the other states that have approved the use of recreational marijuana.

How Did Florida Get Here?

Florida voters actually approved medical marijuana back in 2016. In 2017, however, Governor Rick Scott signed a law which banned smoking all types of marijuana.

The current Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, signed legislation to repeal the law put in effect by Scott. DeSantis worked with the legislature to legalize medical marijuana by March 15, 2019. DeSantis stated Scott’s previous actions were unconstitutional, especially since 70% of Floridian voters approved the law in 2016. Republican Senator, Jeff Brandes and Democrat Senator, Linda Stewart worked together to make the voter’s choice of legalizing medical marijuana a reality.

What States have Legalized Recreational Marijuana?

  • 2012 – Colorado, Washington
  • 2014 – Alaska, Oregon, District of Columbia
  • 2015 – Ohio
  • 2016 – California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada
  • 2018 – Michigan, Vermont

ArborYpsi Law Take Aways

The use of medical marijuana should be left to the physician and patient. Both parties should weigh the benefits and risks of the drug, just like a prescription medication, and go from there. The government should not be a factor in this decision. We hope Florida, like the states above, follow suit and legalize recreational marijuana in the future. As we all know, marijuana has many health benefits.

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