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There are many reasons a person could lose his or her concealed pistol license (CPL). Here is an overview of the reasons people lost their CPL from October 2016 to September 2017, the last year for this reported data.

During this time period:

CPL Applications

There were 137,145 concealed pistol license applications made. Of those, 2,387 license applicants were disqualified, here’s why:

  • Non-U.S. Citizen or no immigration status           25
  • Didn’t complete pistol safety training course        2
  • Mental Health Order                                                  40
  • Had a Personal Protection Order                             46
  • Felony conviction or felony charges pending        665
  • Dishonorable discharge from military                    1
  • Misdemeanor conviction or pending charges       1,446
  • Miscellaneous mental health reason                       6
  • Incomplete application                                              6
  • Fugitive from justice                                                   221
  • Drug user or addicted to drugs                                19
  • Failed reinstate background check                          30

CPL Suspensions

3,309 CPL holders received suspensions. Here’s why:

  • Carried on a prohibited premises                                         4
  • Non-disclosure of CPL to peace officer                               18
  • Pending felony or misdemeanor charge                             2,071
  • Carried with a blood alcohol content .02 – .08                  20
  • Carried with a blood alcohol content .08 – .10                  3
  • Refusal to submit to a chemical test                                   14
  • Became subject to a PPO, bond order, etc                         909

CPL Revocations

1,893 CPL holders had their license revoked. Here’s why:

Carried under the influence with a BAC of .10 or higher         9

Mental health reasons                                                                     26

Misdemeanor or felony conviction                                               1,765

Left state of Michigan                                                                      25

Disqualified for a federal reason                                                   64

Firearm Civil Infractions

There are a number of civil infractions a person can receive related to firearm possession. During this time period, 47 CPL holders received such civil infractions. Read our list of firearm civil infractions to learn more.

Criminal Convictions and your Concealed Pistol License

Being convicted of a crime is the single most reason why a CPL holder had a license suspended or revoked. 1,837 CPL holders were convicted of a crime. Here are the top crimes that lead to convictions:

  • Operating without a license on person. MCL 257.311                                           83
  • Operating while intoxicated. MCL 257.625(1)(a)                                                  224
  • Operating while visibly impaired. MCL 257.625(3)(a)                                        513
  • Driving while license suspended/revoked/denied. MCL 257.904(1)(b)          44
  • Carrying a concealed weapon under the influence. MCL 28.425k(2)(a)          52
  • Possession of marijuana. MCL 333.7403(2)(d)                                                     30
  • Disorderly person. MCL 750.167                                                                              41
  • Disturbing the peace. MCL 750.174(2)                                                                    58
  • Possession of a weapon under the influence. MCL 750.237                               58
  • Retail fraud third degree. MCL 750.356(d)(4)                                                       58
  • Assault and battery. MCL 750.81a                                                                            49
  • Domestic assault. MCL 750.81a(2)                                                                           39
  • Felonious assault. MCL 750.82                                                                                 41

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