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You May Have Missed These ArborYpsi Law Articles

June 5, 2019 Criminal Law and Procedure

At ArborYpsi Law, we have written extensively on a wide range of topics. Our articles are designed to give people and introduction to legal topics and information. It also shows that we know what we’re talking about.

With hundreds of articles on everything from drunk driving to firearms to important legal developments in other states, we have covered a lot of ground. Read our articles and we trust you’ll agree we know what we’re talking about.

Are drivers in Washtenaw County under the influence of drugs more than ever? Sheriff’s deputies believe the answer to that question is yes. Arrests for driving under the influence of drugs is no the rise. Marijuana is the drug of choice for these drivers. The enforcement against OWI with drugs is stricter than ever. Cops are now trained as so-called “drug recognition evaluators.” These cops are especially on the lookout for people who may be driving after using drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. Read our article on the increase in arrests to see whether there are more high drivers or more enforcement against high drivers.

People on the sex offender registration list don’t get a lot of love from the public. But do laws that require chemical castration go too far? Alabama recently passed a law requiring chemical castration for parolees in prison for sex crimes. Chemical castration refers to medication that reduces testosterone in the body. Read our article on Alabama’s new Sex Offender Chemical Castration Law.

Can you get in trouble for leaving a child in a car? In Michigan the answer is yes. Leaving a child in a car for a period of time that poses an unreasonable risk of harm is a misdemeanor, and is a felony where the child suffers harm. Does it matter whether leaving the child in the car was just an accident? Read our article that answers this question. These cases are sad and unfortunate but scarily routinely common. Why is that? If you’re interested in more information on this topic, read our recent article that discusses these unfortunate cases.

Kevin Spacey was recently charged with sexual assault in Massachusetts. The charges were eventually dropped after his defense team revealed his accuser had deleted text messages from his phone before trial. Read the whole story on the accusation and defense here.

There has been a movement this last year to decriminalize hallucinogenic drugs. First Denver decriminalized Psilocybin mushrooms. Then Oakland, California, decriminalized all natural hallucinogens. Could Oregon become the first state to join in the decriminalization movement? Check out our article which follows this trend.

Weed might be legal, but people are still fighting over medical marijuana laws. The City of Warren had an ordinance on the books which made medical marijuana growing difficult. One affected Warrenite took exception and fought the case to the Michigan Court of Appeals, obtaining a big victory in favor of medical marijuana and against Warren.

Felon in Possession of Firearm cases are difficult to win. Many defendants have limited grounds to fight the case if the element of “possession” cannot be disputed. This Court of Appeals case discusses gun rights restoration in the context of felon in possession cases.

ArborYpsi Law Works Hard For You

In the last week we have represented clients on a variety of charges, including drug dealing – ecstasy, felonious assault, simple assault and battery charges, possession of heroin, carrying concealed weapon and felon in possession of firearm and ammunition, embezzlement, and operating while intoxicated with a High BAC. We have gone to courts in Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Novi, Howell, and Pittsfield Township.

At ArborYpsi Law we work hard on behalf of all clients. We don’t spend any time judging our clients – instead, we spend all our time fighting your case or getting you a good deal. Our mission is to get results for the client. We implicitly understand what’s at stake for the client – in a word, your future.

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