ArborYpsi Law Areas of Practice: Drunk Driving, Marijuana, Drug Cases

Here at ArborYpsi Law we focus on a couple of areas of law where we can especially be of service.

Drinking and Driving Cases

ArborYpsi Law represents people accused of drinking and driving. A DUI is a crime that is easy to commit and serious at the same time. A DUI conviction will be on your record for life. There is no such thing as an expungement for a DUI. Whether the conviction is for operating while intoxicated or operating while visibly impaired doesn’t matter – at the end of the day, a future employer will look at your record and see a drunk driving conviction. We take these cases seriously as they should be treated. Read our ArborYpsi Law DUI Blog for all our articles on this topic. Have you been charged with driving under the influence? Call for a free initial consultation and we will talk about the law, the process, your options, and what we can do for you.

Marijuana Law

The law on marijuana has changed dramatically over the last decade. ArborYpsi Law has kept pace with it all. First we saw medical marijuana become legal. Then the medical marijuana court battles that followed. Years later the state introduced the business side of medical marijuana. Before that really went into effect the wise residents of Michigan voted to make marijuana legal for recreational use. This will probably result in a new host of legal issues which ArborYpsi Law will be there every step. We keep on the forefront of the science and law of operating while intoxicated by marijuana, which will be the new field of OWI law for criminal defense practitioners to focus on. Do you have any medical marijuana or marijuana-related legal issues? Call us and we can help.

Felony Cases

Felonies are the most serious crimes you can be charged with. A felony case will require more sensitive negotiation and litigation than does a misdemeanor. Generally, felony cases will be more complicated, have more evidence, and will involve more legal issues. Have you been charged with a felony? Read about the Steps in a Felony Case to learn more before giving us a call and speaking with an attorney. Information is power. If you haven’t been through the process before then there is a lot to learn and this article can be a good starting point. Give us a call if you’ve been charged with a felony – we’re here to help you, not scare you. We’ll explain the process and penalties without sugarcoating it or scaring you into anything.

Drug Cases

ArborYpsi Law has experience with all types of drug cases, from fentanyl and heroin to cocaine and ketamine. We’ve seen all the different types of cases there are. We’re skilled at obtaining a resolution where you will not receive a criminal record if that is possible in your case. Where that’s not possible we will speak with the prosecution about getting you the best results. Sometimes a discussion about the case is not the way to go – sometimes litigation will be necessary or the best path. We are prepared to go any route. Read about Drug Cases in ArborYpsi Law.

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