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ArborYpsi Law is a criminal defense law firm based in Washtenaw County, Michigan. We are dedicated to the representation of anyone charged with a crime.

Cannabis Attorney

Whether the charge is drugged driving or possession with intent to distribute we can help. Our practice has been focused on helping the marijuana community from the day we opened.

Traffic Violations Lawyer

We regularly represent clients on all sorts of traffic law matters in courts around Washtenaw County and throughout metro Detroit, including Wayne and Oakland counties. Common civil infractions include speeding, improper lane use, careless driving, and disobeying a traffic device.

A traffic ticket lawyer can help protect your driver’s license from points that will increase your insurance. Call us to see how we can help with your civil infraction ticket before you admit responsibility. We’ve probably saved drivers hundreds and hundreds of points from their records.

Read our main article about traffic tickets for more information on how we can help you fight your ticket. Reduce points, save insurance hikes, keep your driving record clear.


A misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by up to one year in jail. A misdemeanor is distinguished from a felony as a felony can be punishable up prison time.

A misdemeanor case is handled in the district court in which the district in which the offense allegedly occurred. For example, a misdemeanor that allegedly takes place in Superior Township would be handled in the 14A2 District Court in Ypsilanti. A misdemeanor that allegedly occurred in Scio Township would be handled in the 14A3 District Court in Chelsea.

Common examples of misdemeanors that we represent clients on include domestic assault (domestic violence), drinking and driving charges (operating while intoxicated, operating while visibly impaired, child endangerment), disorderly conduct, minor in possession, and drug use.

You are unlikely to see jail time for a garden variety misdemeanor conviction such as disorderly intoxication or simple assault. There are certain misdemeanors, however, where jail time may be more likely. A second-offense OWI or OWVI conviction comes with a mandatory 5 day minimum jail time. Some judges may also sentence more than 5 days for a second-offense OWI or OWVI. Serious assault or domestic assault cases, such as where injury occurs or where there was a pattern of physical abuse may result in jail time as well.

In many misdemeanor cases we may not be as concerned about jail time but we are concerned about how a misdemeanor may effect your record. For example, many people are concerned that a misdemeanor conviction would negatively impact their ability to gain employment.

The goal of representation in these instances would be to see if we can keep the conviction off your record, either through beating the charge or working out a deal in which the charge goes away.

In many instances, there are ways to keep a criminal conviction off your record. For example, the program commonly known at 7411 is a way to keep drug convictions off your record. There may be other mechanisms available depending on the individual charge and your age.

Felony Charge

A felony is a more serious charge than a misdemeanor. A felony conviction will increase the chances of jail time, and prison time is possible. A felony charge will also decrease your ability to work out a nice deal to keep convictions off your record.

A felony charge with begin in the district court with a preliminary examination, and the case will proceed in the county circuit court if it goes past the exam stage.

Read our page Felony Charges for a more in-depth explanation of the felony process.

Drunk Driving Attorney

We practice the defense of drunk driving cases. ArborYpsi Law practices all stages of drunk driving representation from the Implied Consent hearing to an OWI trial to Driver’s License Restoration. The drunk driving law become harsher every few years and are increasingly more complicated. You need an attorney who will take the time to prepare an adequate defense, and who will truly evaluate your case for defenses and not simply tell you, “there’s nothing you can do,” and take your money and tell you to plead guilty.

We try drunk driving cases, we file motions, we are not afraid to challenge the case against you. Read our articles Ypsilanti Drunk Driving Attorney and What To Do When Pulled Over For Driving While Intoxicated.

Knowledge is Power

There are many reasons to hire an attorney for the defense of a criminal case. One of the main reasons is to understand what’s going on. When you hire us as your attorney, you will receive full explanations of the law, court procedure, and your options at each stage. You will never walk into a courtroom without an understanding of what could happen when we go in there. We are not doing our job if you are stepping foot in a courtroom without the knowledge to understand what is happening.

ArborYpsi is Your Advocate

The other reason to hire an attorney is for the attorney to be your advocate. When my car has a problem I take the car to an auto mechanic. The auto mechanic knows how to diagnose the problem and knows how to fix the problem. I could try to fix the car on my own but that could be a mistake.

Similarly, you could represent yourself at your trial, but that may not be the best move. As a criminal defense attorney, we constantly study the law, appear in courtrooms all over southeastern Michigan, and represent clients in trials in real fights against the government. We use this experience to help you in and outside of the courtroom.

Free Initial Consultations

Call us to see if we could be the right fit as your criminal lawyer. During your phone call we will not scare you into hiring us as your attorney. There is no need for us to do that. We do not scare clients into hiring us. During your phone call you will receive straightforward explanations of the law, the procedure, and your options. You will receive an explanation and a breakdown of fees for your retainer. If it seems like we are the right fit for you then we can sit down and discuss your case in detail in person at our office.

Where Can We Represent You

ArborYpsi Law is located in Washtenaw County (obviously serving Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti). We regularly appear in all of the local courts here. However, we are not limited to Washtenaw County courts. We also appear in Courts throughout the metro area. For example, we often appear in the 35th District Court in Plymouth and the 34th District Court in Romulus. We go to Detroit, Pontiac, East Lansing, Jackson, and all points in between.

Again, Knowledge is Power

Our website contains many informational articles where you can learn about the law and the courts. There are also many articles where you can learn our philosophies about the law and criminal defense practice. Read some of our articles:

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