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Here are several ArborYpsi Law firearms law articles to will help you navigate your Second Amendment rights. Stay safe and know the law to protect yourself and your rights.

Drinking and Your Concealed Pistol License

Drinking and firearms don’t mix. A conviction for the the misdemeanor of carrying a firearm with a blood alcohol content of over .10 will result in revocation of your CPL. Carrying a gun with a BAC of .08 to .10 is also a misdemeanor, and will result in a 3 year suspension of your CPL. Read our full article on the Legal Ins and Outs of Drinking with Guns and how it will effect your CPL.

What If I’m Drunk in My Own Home and There’s a Gun?

The Michigan Supreme Court case of People v. Deroche addressed just this issue. The Court held the laws regarding possession of a firearm while intoxicated don’t quite extend into your own household. You may enjoy drinks in your own home when there is a gun in the home. But make sure the gun is in a safe place out of your immediate reach to avoid legal consequences. Read the ArborYpsi law blog article on People v. Deroche.

Misdemeanor Convictions Will Make You Ineligible for CPLs

There is a long list of misdemeanors that will result in the loss of your CPL. The misdemeanors are separated into two categories. More serious misdemeanors will result in the loss of your CPL for 8 years, while less serious misdemeanors result in a 3 year loss of the CPL. Read the Full List of Misdemeanors that Will Disqualify You From a CPL.

Possession of a Firearm by a Felon

Most felony convictions will result in the loss of your gun rights, not just the loss of a CPL. This means no guns at all. Possession of a gun by a felon is itself a felony.

Less serious felonies will result in at least a 3 year loss of gun rights. More serious felonies will result in at least a 5 year loss of gun rights. After the 5 years, you must petition the circuit court for restoration of your gun rights, discussed in the section below. Have you been convicted of a felony? Read about the charge of Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Felony Convictions and Your Gun Rights

Convictions for certain felonies will result in at least a 5 year loss of your gun rights. Once you’re eligible for a gun rights again, you must go to the circuit court in your county and petition for gun rights restoration. The process is not guaranteed. A lawyer will help your chances of getting this valuable right back. Interested in the process? Read our Gun Rights Restoration page.

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