ArborYpsi Law Helps Clients With Driver’s License Restoration

At Arbor Ypsi Law, one of the services we provide is help with drivers license restoration. After too many drinking and driving convictions, a person can lose the driver’s license. This is called a revocation. You may only apply for a driver’s license after one year from the date of losing it. In addition, you may only apply for the license once a year. This raises the stakes for how you proceed with the process.

Getting Your License Back

The first step to getting your license back is to make sure you are ready. Have you had enough sobriety time under your belt to qualify? Even if you have the requisite amount of time, is that still sufficient for the Secretary of State? A sobriety date of a year and a day might not impress a hearing officer where that is measured against 15 years of hard drinking. Sometimes it is best to wait until there is a more solid sobriety date.

However, there are times when going in for a hearing to make a record for the next hearing may be necessary. This is especially true if we suspect it will be unlikely you may get your license back at the earliest possible date (though it never hurts to try if you’ve been putting in the work on sobriety).

In any event, it’s important to know whether you’re ready to appear in a hearing to get the license back. At ArborYpsi Law, we can help evaluate your readiness on that issue.

We Have Helped Many People Get Their Licenses Back

The key to successfully getting your license back is preparation. First, we must prepare the documentation that will be sent to the Secretary of State. The hearing officer will read these materials before we even get to the hearing. The materials must all be organized, consistent, and correct. This is a chance to make an impression. Errors can be costly.

Second, we must prepare for the actual hearing. We sit down with clients in advance of the hearing. I let them know exactly what the hearing officer is likely to ask. We then review their potential testimony. The hearing is not something we would ever let a client go in without practice.

Remember, you only get one hearing a year. We have to make it count. Preparation for the hearing is key to success. This will give you time to prepare what to say to the hearing officer, to let them know how hard you have been working on sobriety. Trying to come with answers on the spot to these important topics on will not work.

We Look Forward to Helping You Too

We have a lot of experience helping clients get their license back. We provide straightforward, simple advice tailored to your specific situation. As our client, we will take time to learn your story so we can present you as an individual at the hearing. Put your DUIs in the past and let us help you moved past that history.

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