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Federal Firearms Law

The federal government has banned the possession of bump stocks. A bump stock is a device that essentially turns a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic rifle. The move came after pressure on the Trump administration which followed several horrific shootings. The legal developments have been chronicled by ArborYpsi Law. We have summarized the legal challenges followed the ban. In addition, we discuss the first person in the U.S. believed to be charged with possession of a bump stock.

DUIs in Other States – Wisconsin Edition

Wisconsin has some of the softest drunk driving laws in the country. In fact, a first-offense OWI in Wisconsin is not even a crime! It’s hard to believe this is the status there, seeing as how there is much pressure on governments to enact harsh DUI laws and on prosecuting agencies to treat drunk drivers as harshly as possible. Nevertheless, Wisconsin’s first-offense civil infraction does contain some penalties that are actually harsher than the penalties for a misdemeanor first-offense in Michigan. Now several Wisconsin lawmaker want to bring Wisconsin in line with the rest of the country when it comes to their DUI laws. Specifically, they want to make a first-offense DUI in Wisconsin a misdemeanor like everywhere else.

Outer Space Crime

Can you commit a crime in Outer Space? I guess you can commit a crime anywhere. An NASA astronaut at the space station is accused of Identity Theft. It is the first time that people believe someone has been accused of a crime in space. The astronaut has not actually been criminally charged by anyone, however. Several agencies are investigating. The case involves alleged theft, a bitter divorce and custody dispute, and of course space, but with no aliens! Read our article on the First Alleged Space Crime to learn about this story.

Celebrity News

The rapper Meek Mill has been stuck in a legal quagmire for almost a decade. The absurdity of the situation has left many people shaking their heads at the situation. The situation highlights the struggle of the probation-prison cycle that unnecessarily sweeps away so many people. Meek Mill has recently been victorious in an appeal from the old case. It turns out the arresting officer who testified against him was targeted as a corrupt officer, which only highlights the injustice of what took place. Read our article to learn what happened.

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