Assault Case Dismissed

We recently obtained a complete dismissal of assault and battery charges for a client in a Downriver Court.

This was a weird case. 

Our client was involved in an ongoing dispute with a neighbor. The neighbor accused our client of hitting her child.

The assault allegedly occurred during a storm in which there were strong winds. There was a video from a nearby surveillance camera. On video, it appeared the client was pushed by the wind into the child. The client had no intention to bump into the other person, but was in the middle of a powerful windstorm. 

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However, this was enough for the neighbor’s mother to accuse our client of assault.An issue in this case was whether the neighbor was using this unusual incident against our client as part of their ongoing neighborhood dispute. 

On this case, we worked with the prosecution rather than opposed to them. We both watched the videos and interviewed witnesses together. The prosecutor dismissed the case once he had a greater understanding of the situation.

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