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Should I take my case to trial? This is such a big decision in any case. There are many factors that go into it. Let’s say you are charged with drunk driving, known as operating while intoxicated in legalese. Should you go to trial on the charge? Win and you beat a misdemeanor, lose and does it get worse? Talk to your attorney about whether you should go to trial on it. With an OWI charge, there’s a lot at stake that people really don’t consider. An OWI charge goes on your record for life. An OWI conviction might be used against you in determine auto insurance rates. Should you take the chance to beat it? A guilty plea ensures that the conviction will be on your record forever. Read our article about Should I Take My Case to Trial to see about the decision-making that goes into that big and important question.

An expungement is the legal process for clearing a conviction. It is a motion filed in the court called a motion to set aside a conviction. Right now in Michigan, you can expunge either one felony or two misdemeanors. Many types of offenses are ineligible for an expungement. Most notably are traffic offenses. Often, traffic offenses such driving on a suspended license, cannot be expunged, but are counted against a person if they want an expungement. There are now a group of bipartisan lawmakers who are seeking to expand the right for an expungement. These bills would do a lot for ex-offenders. It is a huge step forward for criminal justice reform. Read about the New Proposed Law for Expungements in Michigan.

A slew of gun reform proposals are being discussed in Lansing in the summer of 2019. Lawmakers have stated their goal is to strengthen the Second Amendment. These proposals would reduce or eliminate penalties related to carrying a concealed weapon. Carrying a concealed weapon charges are common and are difficult to challenge. One notable proposed law would be to change the penalty for a carrying a concealed weapon in the event that a person’s concealed pistol license expired within a year of the violation and the person is eligible for a CPL. The person must apply for the CPL within 60 days of the violation. Some of these bills have made it further than others. One bill to eliminate the requirement that a person obtained a concealed pistol license in order to carry a concealed pistol. This type of bill would probably meet with resistance from police and prosecuting agencies.

A driving under influence case has certain steps to it. The case will start with discovery, will be discussed with the prosecutor, and then may go to trial or be resolved with a plea. Have you been charged with a DUI? Then don’t go to court without the knowledge you need to really understand what’s going on. Read about the Steps in a DUI Case to learn more. Knowledge is power. You are at a distinct disadvantage by not knowing the steps in a case. When charged with a DUI, hire a lawyer experienced with these cases, especially a lawyer who is not afraid to fight a DUI. A DUI conviction is on your permanent record for life – don’t take that lightly. Don’t walk into court with a lawyer who has never tried a DUI case before a jury. Don’t go to court on a DUI with a lawyer who just dabbles in criminal law. Hire a lawyer who knows what they are doing. Hire a lawyer who has evaluated many DUI cases and knows what to look for.

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