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Terry D. Bateman and Bradley A. Rowland are charged with manufacturing a controlled substance – methamphetamine. Bateman and Rowland taught Chemistry at Henderson State University much like the fictional character Walter White in the popular series Breaking Bad. The duo were also charged with using drug paraphernalia. Since the accusations Bateman and Rowland have been put on administrative leave from the university. 

Rowland was previously interviewed and expressed how much he enjoyed the AMC series Breaking Bad. In the show, the main character Walter White’s drug lord name was, “Heisenberg.” Coincidentally, Rowland was known at Henderson State University as the college’s “Heisenberg.” 

On October 8th 2019 the university science center was shut down due to an over powering smell of benzyl chloride. Benzyl chloride is used to make dyes as well as other pharmaceutical drugs. The chemical can cause eye and upper respiratory tract irritation and is used in the production of methamphetamine. The chemical was found spilled on the surface of the science lab. It is not clear if the strong odor of benzyl chloride prompted the investigation into the professors. It is also unclear if Bateman and Rowland are charged with producing methamphetamine on campus. The defendants are awaiting court appearances. 

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It appears that the investigation is still ongoing. It is unclear what lead to the professors arrests. As of right now there is no concrete evidence pointing to Bateman’s or Rowland’s involvement of manufacturing methamphetamine. The only evidence is that benzyl chloride, an ingredient to produce methamphetamine, was found on the lab counters. This is hardly enough evidence for an arrest let alone a conviction. Do not jump to conclusions. Bateman and Rowland are innocent until proven guilty.

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