Canton Criminal Defense Attorney

Canton Criminal Defense Attorney

Located a short distance from Canton, ArborYpsi Law has represented hundreds of clients in the 35th District Court.

Criminal Defense

We represent clients on:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Domestic Assaults
  • Retail Fraud


ArborYpsi Law defends clients from DUI charges. Read our articles for more information.

  • What To Do When Pulled Over for a DUI
  • What To Do After a DUI Arrest
  • DUI Case Steps
  • DUI Penalties

Keep Convictions Off Your Record

Most people are concerned with criminal convictions going on their record. There are several options to keep a conviction from going on your record. Give us a call to see how we can help keep these convictions off your record.

Canton, Plymouth, Northville

Like all district courts, the types of cases the court sees are a reflection of the community and geography.

There are many busy roads in Canton, such as Michigan Ave, Ford Rd, Haggerty, and I-275. Traffic tickets are common. Call us to see how we can help with traffic tickets. We can appear in court on your behalf without you there.

Driving under the influence and operating while intoxicated cases are common as well.

Canton is home to many of the large box store. Retail fraud cases, also known as shoplifting, are common. We have helped many people keep retail fraud cases off their record.

35th District Court

The 35th District Court is located in Plymouth. The Court has jurisdiction over cases in Canton, Plymouth Township and City, and Northville Township and City.

The Court has three judges, Judge Gerou, Judge Lowe, and Judge Plakas. Each judge presides over criminal matters.

Each judge has different philosophies and practices when it comes to cases, probation, and sentencing.

The 35th District Court has a reputation for efficiency.

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