Civil Infractions For Firearms and Tasers

Protect your concealed pistol license. Know the law and prevent yourself from being in a situation where you face losing your CPL.

The following is a list of state civil infractions that relate to firearms, pistols, and tasers. A civil infraction is not a crime. There are misdemeanors and felonies that relate to firearms as well.

List of Civil Infractions

  • Records of firearms may only be accessed and disclosed by authorized system users and peace officers, and only for specific purposes. No Freedom of Information Act Requests for firearms records. MCL 28.421b
  • Purchaser of pistol fails to provide a copy of a pistol sales record to licensing authority. MCL 28.422
  • Failure by a licensed individual to carry concealed weapons license and state ID in his or her possession while carrying a pistol or taser device (electro-muscular disruption technology. MCL 28.425f(1)
  • Failure by a licensed individual to show licensing documents upon request to a peace officer by a person who is carrying a concealed pistol or taser. MCL 28.425f(2)
  • Failure by a licensed person with a CPL who is stopped by a peace officer to immediately disclose to a peace officer that he or she has a concealed pistol or taser. MCL 28. 425f(3). First violation โ€“ $500 fine and 6 month license suspension. A second violation within 3 years โ€“ $1,000 fine and license revocation. MCL 28.425f(3)
  • A person has a blood alcohol content of .02 โ€“ .08 while carrying a concealed pistol or taser. $100 fine and 1 year license revocation. MCL 28.425k(2)(c)
  • Carrying a concealed pistol or taser in a place prohibited by law. MCL 28.425o(6)
  • Carrying a concealed firearm while under the influence of a alcoholic liquor and a controlled substance. MCL 28.519

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