Concealed Pistol License Possession and Disclosure

Protect your concealed pistol license. Always carry your CPL and state ID when you have your weapon concealed. As a CPL holder, always tell a police officer that you have a weapon on you and follow all police orders.

Below is a description of the law as it relates to the possession and disclosure of your CPL to a peace officer.

Always Carry Your CPL and Show it to an Officer Upon Request

A person who has a concealed pistol license must carry the license and a state identification car in his or her possession at all times the person is carrying either a concealed pistol or taser (electro-muscular disruption technology device). Failure to do so is a civil infraction with a $100 fine.

You must show your CPL and state ID to a peace officer upon request by the peace officer. Failure to do so is a civil infraction with a $100 fine.

Failure to Disclose Pistol or Taser by a CPL Holder

You must immediately disclose that you have a pistol or taser to a police officer if you are a CPL holder, are carrying a weapon, and are stopped by a police officer.

A first-offense violation of this law is a civil infraction with a  $500 fine and a 6 month CPL revocation. A second-offense within three years is civil infraction, with a $1,000 fine and a CPL revocation.

Peace officers must notify the department of state police of individuals found responsible for failure to disclose the presence of a pistol or taser. The state police then notify the county clerk who issued the license, who shall suspend or revoke the license, depending on the number of violations. The clerk sends notice of the suspension of revocation to the individual by first-class mail, and the state police enter the suspension or revocation into the law enforcement information network.

Will the Weapon be Seized for a Violation?

The weapon is not subject to immediate seizure if the individual has his or her state identification card when the violation occurred, and the peace officer verifies through the law enforcement information network that the person has a CPL.

The weapon is subject to immediate seizure if the above two conditions are not met.

What Happens if the Weapon is Seized?

The person has 45 days to show their CPL at the police station and get the weapon returned. The police will return the weapon unless the person may not legally own a weapon anymore. The weapon will be forfeited past the 45 day period or if the person does not have the license. MCL 28.425

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