Dealing With Criminal Cases

Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful times a person can experience. It is a time of uncertainty and unease because you don’t know what will happen. Going to court is uncomfortable, criminal defense lawyers are expensive, and there’s the time spent not knowing what will happen. Many people charged with crimes wish to simply “get it over with.”

This is especially common where a person is charged with a misdemeanor, a type of crime with lesser legal consequences. Many misdemeanors will not result in jail time or even a strict probationary period.

Fight the Urge to “Get it Over With”

Although jail time for a misdemeanor is not on the table, a misdemeanor may have other “collateral” effects. Collateral effects refer to a conviction that effects a civil matter. A common collateral consequence of a criminal conviction is on the drivers license.

A driving while intoxicated conviction will remain on your driving record forever, in addition to adding points for two years, increasing insurance, and drivers license suspensions or restrictions.

Also, a DUI conviction could make it harder to gain certain types of employment, such as in jobs that require driving. A second DUI within 7 years results in a drivers license revocation, meaning the Secretary of State will take the drivers license away. It is difficult to get back.

Other collateral effects could be on professional licenses. In the health care world, almost all convictions can effect the license. Some convictions, such as felonies or theft crimes, could make it all but impossible to obtain a license or keep a license after a conviction.

Explore Your Options

Don’t simply go into court and plead guilty to “get it over with.” The above examples of collateral effects are just a few of the many ways a criminal conviction can impact your life. At the time you’re charged, you may not know all the possible ways a conviction could impact you.

At ArborYpsi Law, we will learn about who you are to see whether there are collateral effects of the crime you’re charged with. That way we can tailor a defense to your situation.

Every time you are charged with a crime you have options. You never simply have to plead guilty. There is no one telling you to simply get it over with. We certainly would never tell a client you should just plead guilty and get it over with. The decision of whether to plea or challenge a case rests squarely with the client. Nevertheless, we always inform clients of all possible options in a case and encourage a client to leave all options on the table.

Consider a Challenge to a Case

Many people out there charged with a crime unfortunately plead guilty to get it over with. They don’t consider a challenge to the case, such as a motion to attack evidence or trial. They don’t wish to push the case forward to hold out for a better deal. This is because they don’t want to go to court and their main goal is a fast resolution. The people who are willing to be patient and allow their defense attorney the time to mount a defense or at least push for better deal than the first plea offer are pleasantly surprised.

Every Criminal Case is Serious

This is the point of the article. All cases are serious, and should be treated seriously. Every criminal case is a lawsuit. The government has sued you. The stakes for you are liberty, money, reputation, employment, drivers license, and professional licenses. Even the most minor case should be taken seriously. You may not know how a case will effect you years down the road. All people charged with a crime benefit when everyone takes their case seriously. A collective push for better results forces prosecutors to offer better deals, to dismiss cases, and to think twice before charging in the first place.

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