Fort Worth Police Officer Shoots Women Inside Her Own Home

Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean while inside her own home. Dean, a white male, has since quit his job and been charged with Jefferson’s murder. 

The Incident 

Last weekend Jefferson’s door was left ajar. Her neighbor called authorities to perform a wellness check. Jefferson’s mother had recently been discharged from the hospital and the neighbors were concerned for her well-being. 

Dean and another officer responded to the residence. Instead of knocking on Jefferson’s front door he retreated to the backyard in complete darkness. He came to a window and yelled, “Put your hands up, show me your hands,” before firing a fatal shot at Jefferson. He claims he saw a figure near the window and this prompted him to fire. He did not announce himself as a police officer.

Jefferson’s 8 year old nephew was with her at the time of the murder. The two were playing video games when Jefferson heard suspicious noises coming from the backyard. She retrieved her handgun suspecting an intruder. She pointed the weapon to the window and was then fatally shot. He states she was just trying to keep him and herself safe. Jefferson did have a concealed weapons permit. Her nephew states they left the door open to get some fresh air. 

Jefferson had just moved in with her mother to help with her health conditions. She was a graduate of Xavier University and was working as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

This tragic incident comes one year after Amber Guyger fatally shot her neighbor inside his own apartment. That occurred about 30 miles away in Dallas, Texas. 

Dean was arrested for Jefferson’s murder and then released after posting a 200,000 bond. His criminal defense team has yet to comment. 

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

This is another tragedy in an area that continues to experience police shootings. The divide between the predominately white police force in the Fort Worth/Dallas area and black population is only growing. It is unclear what Dean’s criminal defense team will use as their strategy in the upcoming murder trial. Dean claims he saw a shadow in the window and perceived this as a threat. It is unclear if he saw that Jefferson was pointing a gun at him. Perhaps a self defense strategy will be effective. 

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