House Bill To Be Introduced That Would Make Commercial Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Legal

House Bill 4271, to be introduced into the Judiciary Committee, seeks to legitimize and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill follows the Michigan Supreme Court ruling in People v. McQueen, which essentially made the operation of a commercial dispensary impossible under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

The bill envisions legal dispensaries, which it refers to as “medical marihuana provisioning centers,” as wells as establishments called safety compliance facilities, where marijuana would be tested for safety. The centers would be exempt from criminal and civil prosecution and penalties so long as all state and municipal laws are followed.

The bill outlines a range of regulations for the centers. For example, marijuana products would be labeled with health warnings. Employees of the centers must be over 21 and not have a felony conviction within ten years prior to employment. Centers would have to keep records to ensure that no more than the permitted amount of marijuana is sold.

Centers would be subject municipal ordinances that would be more community specific and comprehensive than state law. Such ordinances would include zoning laws and licensing requirements.  Cities would have the option to ban the centers altogether.

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