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Is there any place where you could legally drink and drive? The operating while intoxicated statute tells us where you cannot drive while intoxicated, but is there any place you could legally drink and drive? Read our article on Can I Drink and Drive in My Own Driveway? to answer these burning questions and more.

Self-driving cars? Flying Cars? The cars of the future may be closer than we think. Can you be in trouble for driving under the influence if the car is doing the driving and you’re just in the car? Read about the cars of tomorrow in Can You Get a DUI in a Self-Driving Car?

We all know the magic number for drinking and driving is a blood alcohol content of .08. Can you be convicted of drinking and driving if you’re under .08? The answer is yes – you could be convicted of either operating while intoxicated or operating while visibly impaired with a BAC of under .08. So why do we have the .08 number and what does it mean if you’re driving while under .08? Read about Can You Be Convicted of a DUI if You’re Under .08?

The article above describes the Michigan blood alcohol content of .08. This is the legal limit in all states but one – Utah. Utah has made their legal limit .05, the first state in the nation to do so. What does this mean for DUI laws in Utah? Could Michigan be next for lowering the legal limit for a .05 driving while intoxicated charge? Read about Utah Lowers Limit to .05.

We’ve all heard the phrases driving under the influence (DUI) and operating while intoxicated (OWI). Is there a difference between the two? Why are there two phrases for the same thing? Read our article about What is the Difference Between an OWI and a DUI?

Instances of driving while under the influence of inhalant drugs are on the rise in Michigan and elsewhere. Dealing with these cases have similarities to dealing with drinking and driving charges but there are differences specific to inhalant drugs that you’re DUI lawyer should know. Read our article on Fighting Operating While Intoxicated by Inhalant Drug charges to learn more.

The consequences for a commercial driver’s license increase for those arrested for operating while intoxicated. Read about Will a DUI Prevent Me From Getting a CDL?

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