Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape Exonerated Due to New Fingerprint Technology

In 1982 Archie Williams was wrongfully convicted of rape, aggravated burglary and attempted murder. He was sentenced to life in prison. Fingerprint technology proved his innocence due to the innocence project, a nonprofit organization that challenges wrongful convictions. The true rapist was identified as Stephen Forbes. Forbes had been convicted of several other rapes and later passed in prison. During the trial Williams had several alibi’s that testified he was sleeping at the time of the crime. The victim, however, identified him in a photographic line-up as the rapist. Therefore, he was found guilty by 11 out of 12 jurors within 5 hours.

Now that he is a free man Williams plans on proving other inmates innocence utilizing DNA and fingerprint technology. Post-conviction DNA testing is now allowed in all states, however the use of the new fingerprint technology is underutilized. Thankfully, in 2014 the fingerprint database was expanded.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

There are so many wrongfully convicted inmates that have been sentenced to years if not life in prison. The use of DNA and now fingerprints is a great, factual tool that can free so many victims. It is tragic that people like Williams had to forfeit so much of their lives before being acquitted of their crimes. However, hopefully, cases like William’s will encourage other prosecutors and defense attorney’s to utilize fingerprint technology.

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