Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Medibles Bills Die in The Michigan Senate

A bill that would have allowed for Michigan communities to decide whether they wanted medical marijuana dispensaries was defeated today in the Michigan Senate. The dispensaries allowed under the bill would have been subject to certain restrictions, such as ensuring the quality of the marijuana. Individual communities could have added further regulations at their discretion.

A second bill that did not pass would have allowed medical marijuana patients to consume foods that contain medical marijuana, foods known as medibles. The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that while the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allows smoked marijuana, the Act does not allow for edible marijuana. This bill was supposed to correct that court ruling.

Medibles are an attractive alternative to smoking marijuana for patients who may be intolerant of smoke or who wish to avoid the health complications of smoking.

Associations involving police chiefs, sheriffs, and prosecutors worked together to defeat the bill.

The defeat of the bills goes against the spirit of the Medical Marijuana Act, which is to enable people who would benefit from the medical marijuana to use their medicine legally.

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