Michigan Bans E-Flavored Cigarettes

Michigan is the first state to legally ban flavored E-cigarettes. Governor Gretchen Whitmer states the ban will prohibit sales of flavored E-cigarette products in stores and online. This does not apply to flavoreless nicotine E-cigarettes. This is the result of the Michigan administrative rules process. The ban will be effective in a few weeks and last six months.

After six months the ban can be renewed. Businesses that sell flavored E-cigarette products will have one month to comply with the ban once it goes into effect. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will be responsible to enforce the ban.

MDHHS constitutes youth vaping as a public health emergency. Governor Whitmer states E-cigarette companies are targeting Michigan’s youth be creating candy flavored E-cigarettes, while advertising that they are safe. Whitmer will also limit flavored E-cigarette marketing campaigns in the state. Unfortunately, 81% of children who currently vape started with a flavored E-cigarette or vape cocktail. She states she will fight to keep Michigan’s youth safe.

Health officials are looking into 215 cases of severe lung disease and their association with vaping. The concern is that the countries youth is becoming addicted to vaping and E-cigarettes after the use of traditional nicotine has finally gone down.

Gregory Conley, the American Vaping Association President states these bans will send traditional nicotine smokers back to their tobacco cigarettes. The E-cigarette company Juul is in agreement to the bans. They stopped selling fruit flavored E-cigarettes in stores last year. The flavored E-cigarettes are only available online to of age customers.

Where else are vaping products banned?

San Francisco, California was the first city to ban flavored E-cigarettes a few months ago. The city of Boulder, Colorado also passed the same ban shortly before Michigan’s ban became public.

Response from Store Owners

Abraham Moslim is a store owner in metro-Detroit. He attributes E-cigarettes and vaping products to one-third of his stores income. He is not sure how his store and other vape stores will continue to run their business. Moslim states his store will survive and that he will comply with the ban but he worries about other small businesses that sell vape products only.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

No one wants children becoming addicted to dangerous E-cigarettes. Especially if they are being targeted by the E-cigarette companies in an effort to get them hooked for life. It seems very similar to the traditional nicotine marketing strategy that we all witnessed years ago. However, if you are of age it is your decision whether or not to use flavored E-cigarettes. Governor Whitmer’s attempt to protect Michigan’s youth affects the adults in Michigan who make the personal decision to use flavored E-cigarettes. This is an unfortunate result of the ban.

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