Michigan Supreme Court Update

The Michigan Supreme Court released many new criminal law opinions this summer. Here is a snapshot of some of those opinions:

People v. Smith

A plea agreement prohibiting a defendant from running for public office violates public policy and will not be upheld. The case resulted from a state senator’s plea agreement to not run for office while on probation. Read our full article on the case of People v. Smith for more details.

People v. Washington

The Supreme Court ruled the criminal charge of a high-court misdemeanor is really a felony, despite the name. A high-court misdemeanor, punishable by up to two years in prison, may serve as the basis for a felony-firearm convictions. Read ArborYpsi Law’s full article on People v. Washington.

People v. Arnold

Defendant appealed his sentence following a conviction for aggravated indecent exposure as a sexually delinquent. On appeal, Defendant argued the state required the Court to sentence him to one day to life in prison. The Court ruled that a trial court may sentence a sexual delinquent defendant to either one day to life in prison or to a sentence consistent with the sentencing guidelines. This policy was consistent with the history of sentencing for those convicted as a sexual delinquent. The Court remanded to the Court of Appeals to determine the impact of the sentencing guidelines on the one day to life sentence originally created sixty years ago. Read our People v. Arnold Blog Post.

Michigan Gun Owners, Inc v. Ann Arbor Public Schools

Plaintiffs sued the school district regarding the district’s policy to ban concealed weapons on school grounds. The Plaintiffs argued that school districts were preempted by state law and could not regulate firearms. The Court disagreed, holding that school districts are free to make rules concerning gun possession on school grounds. Read the article on this case here.

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