Model Glue Sniffing Ann Arbor City Ordinance

Ann Arbor has a city ordinance regulating the use of the glues used as inhalants to get high.

The Ordinance

The City of Ann Arbor has an ordinance on the books that states:

No person shall inhale, drink, eat or otherwise introduce into his respiratory or circulatory system, any model glue as defined herein, with the intent of inducing intoxication, elation, a dazed condition, paralysis, irrationality, or in any manner distorting or disturbing the eyesight, thinking process, judgment, balance, or coordinating of such person.

What is Model Glue?

The ordinance defines model glue as any glue, adhesive cement, mucilage, dope, plastic solvent, or other substance of the type commonly used in the construction of model airplanes, automobiles, boats, and other unassembled model kits containing:

  • Solvene
  • Acetone
  • Xylene
  • Butyl alcohol
  • Hexane
  • Tricresyl phosphate, or
  • Other toxic ingredient.

Aiding and Abetting of Model Glue Sniffing

The Ordinance prohibits anyone from assisting, aiding, abetting or encouraging a minor child to sniff glue or use a solvent chemical as an inhalant.

Exceptions to the Ordinance

Using an inhalant based on the prescription or direction of a doctor or dentist is an exception to this ordinance

Potential Penalty

A violation of this ordinance is a misdemeanor. In the Ann Arbor City Ordinance Code, this rule falls under Chapter 113 Regulation of Use of Model Glues, specifically 9:201 Inhalation of Fumes Prohibited.

What Happens If I’m Charged with an Ordinance Violation?

An Ann Arbor City Ordinance Violation will be prosecuted by the Ann Arbor City Attorney. Your case will be heard in the 15th District Court in downtown Ann Arbor.

When charged with a misdemeanor, you may either seek a plea bargain or challenge the case. A please bargain is where a person admits guilt to something in exchange for some benefit in return, such as a reduction in charges or probation and dismissal. Challenging the case can mean filing motions, attacking prosecution evidence, or going to trial with a jury or judge as the finder of fact.

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