Plymouth Criminal Defense Attorney

Plymouth Criminal Defense

We’ve represented many clients in the 35th District Court of Plymouth.

  • Jury trial win. We took an assault and battery case to trial and received a not guilty verdict.
  • Case dismissed two days before trial. We investigated the case by speaking with several witnesses at the scene who showed our client was innocent.
  • Worked with police and clients pre-charge to prevent cases from going to court.
  • Multiple traffic misdemeanor cases dismissed.
  • Domestic assault case deals for no conviction on client’s record.

Plymouth DUI & OWI Attorney

  • Child endangerment OWI case dismissed through discussions with prosecutor, police officer, and judge.
  • Resolving cases to save clients from driver’s license sanctions and points.

Plymouth Traffic Ticket Attorney

We can represent you in Court without your presence. Let us handle everything for you.

We’ve helped many clients save points and insurance hikes through reductions on tickets. Don’t let tickets hurt your record. Give us a call to see how we can help.

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A criminal charge can turn your life upside down. Don’t let it. We will help you through these hard times.

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Sam Bernstein is a traffic ticket lawyer in Ann Arbor.

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35th District Court in Plymouth

The 35th District Court is located at 660 Plymouth Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170. The Court presides over all cases arising from Canton, Northville, and Plymouth. Cases are prosecuted by the individual townships and cities. The State of Michigan prosecutes misdemeanors and felonies. The Court holds preliminary examination in felony cases. State days are on Friday. Cases moving past the preliminary exam stage will go to the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit.

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