Recreational Weed Sales in Michigan Start Today

10:00 am this morning is the first time adults can buy recreational marijuana in Michigan. It’s been just over a year since Michigan voters said yet to legal weed. Michigan is the 10th state to have legal weed.

Where Can I Buy Legal Weed

The only stores selling legal weed right now are in Ann Arbor. Right now, three stores in Ann Arbor  selling recreational weed.

Ann Arbor, the home of the Has Bash, is a fitting place to be the first with legal weed sales. It was in 1972 that Ann Arbor decriminalized possession of marijuana, making it a civil infraction with a fine.

The Future of Legal Weed in Michigan

In addition to the three places up and running with legal weed in Ann Arbor, there are three more retail shops ready to sell but aren’t yet. One more in Ann Arbor, and one Evart and one in Morenci.

Potential marijuana businesses have been petitioning the state for licenses since November 1. The state has awarded 8 licenses and pre-qualified an additional 73.

Communities can choose against having legal weed businesses within their borders. More than 1,400 of Michigan’s 1,771 communities have said no.

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