Texas Rolls Back Gun Laws

Texas enacted a series of new of new firearms laws which will loosen current restrictions. Below is a list of the new laws:

House Bill 1143 – School districts cannot ban licensed gun owners from keeping a gun or ammunition in their vehicles on school grounds. The school district cannot regulate the manner in which the gun is kept in the vehicle. The firearm and ammunition must not be in plain view. This applies to school employees as well.

House Bill 1387 – Rolls back restrictions on how many armed marshals a school district can have.

House Bill 2363 – Allows firearms and ammunition to be kept in foster homes, provided both are stored in the proper manner. The firearms and ammunition must be stored separately, or together where there is a trigger finger lock on the firearm.

House Bill 302 – This prohibits owner or landlords of rental property from banning tenants or guests of tenants from keeping firearms or ammunition in vehicles in parking lots on the property. The bill further establishes affirmative defenses based on the new law.

House Bill 1177 – Protects people from carrying a concealed weapons charge when the person is evacuating the area from a state or local disaster.

House Bill 535 – Removes the areas of places of religious worship as a place where a person can be charged with the intentional, knowing, or reckless carrying of a handgun by a license holder.

In Other News

Michigan has its own number of proposed laws which would roll back gun restrictions in the state. Many of these law relate to carrying a concealed weapon. The broadest proposal would eliminate the requirement that a person obtain a concealed pistol licence for carrying a concealed firearm. Less broad proposals would make it a civil infraction to possess a concealed weapon within one year of an expired CPL, so long as the person is still eligible for a CPL and applies within 60 days of the violation. These bills are still pending, some have gone further than others. Read our article to learn more.

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