Texting and Driving

Several years ago the Michigan legislature deemed texting and driving to be a serious enough problem that a law was passed to prevent drivers from texting.

Texting and driving is now a civil infraction. A first offense will cost you $100, additional offenses will be $200.  The driver does not receive points on his or her driving record.

A driver can be cited for reading, typing out, or sending a text message on a cell phone.  Typing in data to a navigation system such as a Garmin that is affixed to the vehicle is still fine.

There are four situations where texting and driving is permitted. A driver can text to;

1.  Report a traffic accident, medical emergency, or serious road hazard.

2.  Report a situation in which the person believe his or her personal safety is in jeopardy.

3.  Report or avert the perpetration or potential perpetration of a criminal act against the individual or another person.

4.  Carry out official duties as a police officer, law enforcement official, member of a paid or volunteer fire department, or operator of an emergency vehicle.

The above rules and penalties apply to the drivers of noncommercial vehicles. Drivers of commercial vehicles are subject to a separate set of rules and penalties.

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