The Antonio Brown Story

Former NFL star Antonio Brown was released from the New England Patriots professional football team on September 20th 2019. The release comes on the coattails of sexual assault, rape, and sexual harassment allegations.

1st Allegation

Brittany Taylor, a former personal trainer of Brown’s, alleges that Brown raped her and sexually assaulted her. The two parties met at Central Michigan University. Taylor approached Brown and inquired if he would invest over 1 million dollars into her business. Brown refused. She then approached Brown to inquire about training him. After an agreement to train Brown was reached Taylor states that Brown inappropriately exposed himself to her and then kissed her. This allegedly occurred in 2017.

In 2018, Taylor states Brown raped her at his residence in Florida. Taylor has filed a civil lawsuit against the football star. In addition, she has been communicating with the National Football League (NFL) regarding the alleged sexual assault occurrences.

2nd Allegation

Another women reports while working at Brown’s residence he inappropriately exposed himself to her. She reportedly turned around to see Brown standing in front of her naked with a small rag concealing his groin. This allegedly occurred in 2017. The woman was an artist that Brown hired to paint a portrait of himself. Once the woman made clear his sexual advances were not welcome Brown suddenly lost contact with her.

The accuser goes on to say that after making the above incident public that she was threatened by Brown and those close to him. She reports receiving text messages that claim she made the whole incident up for financial gain. In addition, she received texts of pictures of her family from Brown’s camp in an effort to intimidate her.

Brown’s agent states the four-time All-Pro is looking forward to the next opportunity with the NFL. He has since enrolled in classes at Central Michigan University.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

Accusations of rape, sexual harassment, and sexual assault can be damning to one’s career as seen in the story above. Unfortunately, for Brown, his employer did not want to be associated with accusations of rape and sexual assault. However, an allegation is just that an allegation. While it is easy to presume that Brown is guilty we have to remember this may not be the case. Don’t be so quick to judge. Every citizen is entitled to their day on court. Every individual is innocent unless their guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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