Three Oakland County Communities Vote for Pro-Marijuana Measures

The residents of Huntington Woods and Berkley have voted for pro-marijuana measures in their communities.

Under city law in both places, residents over 21 may now use, possess, or transfer up to one ounce of marijuana on private property.

The Huntington Woods measure passed with about 69% of the vote.

The Berkley measure passed with about 62% of the vote.

The residents of Pleasant Ridge voted to make marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority.

Please remember that this does not mean marijuana is legal in Huntington Woods and Berkley. A person with marijuana can still be charged under state or federal – just not city law.

Nevertheless, these pro-marijuana measures are symbolic of the large amount of public support that marijuana decriminalization and legalization has in Michigan.

In addition, city police officers lose incentive to enforce state marijuana law because the city will not reap the financial gain of a marijuana charge.

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