Updated Michigan Law Helps Clear Criminal Record

An updated law will help expand a person’s ability to clear convictions from a criminal record.

Known as an expungment or a motion to set aside a conviction, removing a criminal conviction from your record can help eliminate the lingering effects of a conviction that is hurting present day job opportunities.

The new law allows people to clear up their record as follows;

A person can expunge a felony conviction so long as the person’s record contains no more than that felony and two misdemeanors. There are certain types of felonies (the more serious kinds) that may not be expunged.

A person with only two misdemeanors can expunge both of those convictions.

A person with a conviction for 4th degree sexual conduct may expunge that conviction so long as the conviction was entered onto the record before the date this updated law went into effect and the person’s record contains no more than two minor misdemeanors (misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail).

Traffic offenses, such as operating while impaired, leaving the scene of an accident, or driving with a suspended license, may not be expunged.

A conviction that was deferred or dismissed will now count as a conviction.

A conviction cannot be expunged until 5 years after the sentence for the conviction is complete.

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