What is a Personal Protection Order?

A Personal Protection Order (PPO), sometimes referred to as a restraining order, is an Order by the Circuit Court prohibiting a person from contacting or going near another person.

The Court can grant this Order upon a finding there has been behavior involving threats, harassment, stalking, or assaults.

A violation of a PPO can result in jail time.

There are obviously solid reasons why PPOs should be issued, such as where a person fears another person who has hurt them in the past.

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However, there are many instances where a PPO is inappropriate. PPOs can be used by some as legal weapons to hurt others. A PPO will be entered on the Law Enforcement Information Network. The existence of a PPO will negatively affect a person involved in a divorce, custody, or criminal case. Also, a PPO will affect a person’s ability to own a gun.

Where the PPO is unjustified, you may fight the PPO. Filing a Motion to Terminate the PPO in order to obtain a hearing is necessary.

After a Motion to Terminate is filed, the Court will hold a hearing on the PPO. These can be anything from two-minute hearings to a trial where witnesses testify and are cross examined. The complexity and facts in dispute will determine the extent of the hearing held by the Court.

At ArborYpsi Law, we have fought PPOs in Washtenaw, Wayne, and Oakland Counties.

We have represented both the Petitioner (Person asking for PPO), and the Respondent (Person fighting the PPO).

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