What is Indecent Exposure?

Indecent exposure is a common charge in Michigan. This article is an outline of what indecent exposure means, the penalties, and how you can fight the charges.

The Statute

The law says a person shall not knowingly make any open or indecent exposure of his or her person or of the person of another. This is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines.

Indecent exposure where a person has fondled his or her private parts is a high-court misdemeanor, punishable by up to 2 years in jail and fines. MCL 750.335a.

What Does Indecent Exposure Mean?

A person can be convicted of either an open or indecent exposure. So, there are two kinds of exposures, though the concepts are similar.

An open exposure is where a person’s private parts are exposed and where another person could be reasonably expected to see the exposure and would reasonably be offended.

Indecent exposure is the intentional exposure of one’s private parts and where the exposure is likely an offense against the generally accepted standards of the community.

Do You Have to be in Public?

A person does not have to be in public for an indecent exposure conviction. There is nothing in the law that requires the person be in public. A person could be convicted of indecent exposure while in a private home. Of course, in the privacy of your own home it is much more difficult to reasonably expect someone to see you. This is why most indecent exposure cases are in public.

What if the Person is in Public but Not Seen?

A person could be convicted of indecent exposure for an exposure in public that is not seen by anyone else. Again, the question is whether another person could reasonably be expected to see the exposure and expected to be offended.

Fighting Indecent Exposure Charges

No one wants an indecent exposure charge on their record. Despite the broadness of the law, there is a lot of room to challenge indecent exposure charges. The facts of the individual case must be analyzed, as every case is different. Questions to analyze:

  • Where was the person?
  • Was there a knowingly made exposure?
  • What was the person’s intent?
  • Could anyone reasonably be expected to see the exposure?
  • What was the context of where the person was?
  • What were other people in the area doing?

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