What is the Ohio Aisha’s Law?

Lance Mason plead guilty to the murder of his ex-wife Aisha Fraser. Mason fatally stabbed Fraser in November of 2018. Mason was a former Cuyahoga County judge in Cleveland, Ohio. Fraser, a school teacher, was killed by Mason when she dropped off the couple’s children at his home. In 2015 Mason was charged and plead guilty to domestic violence charges.

The accusations alleged that he had punched Fraser multiple times and slammed her head into the car dash board. The violent attack left Fraser with a broken orbital bone. The incident occurred with the then couples daughters in the back seat. He was sentenced to two years at the Lorain Correctional Institution and six months in jail. He was released after serving nine months. Due to Fraser’s tragic, violent death lawmakers have formulated a bipartisan bill that aims at protecting victims of domestic violence it is appropriately called, “Aisha’s Law.”

What Does Aisha’s Law Include

  • If previously convicted of domestic violence or other violent crimes defendants cannot plead down a second offense.
  • Strangulation would automatically be added onto the charge of domestic violence.
  • Protective orders would constantly be available.
  • When on a first-time domestic violence call a police officer would administer a screening called the, “lethality assessment program.”
  • If there’s a positive screening the victim and accused would be checked on by at least one police officer and one social worker.

The Criticism

Niki Clum, who works in the Ohio Public Defender’s office, is hesitant about the new bipartisan bill. This is because if someone is accused, not just convicted the accusation is still admissible. This unfortunately completely goes against our justice system; innocent until proven guilty. In addition, if a defendant of aggravated murder has a previous conviction of domestic violence they are eligible for the death penalty.

The Statistics

Almost 50% of victims of domestic assault are at an increased risk of murder or severe assault by their attacker. The majority of females who are murdered are murdered by men they are associated with.

ArborYpsi Law Takeaways

Domestic violence almost always escalates with each occurrence. Unfortunately, if it happens once it becomes predictable. Victims must be smart and see the signs early on. Thankfully, to the bipartisan bill presented above, victims could have support from outside parties to remove them from these toxic environments. However, this bill should only apply to those convicted of domestic violence, not to those accused of domestic violence. Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial and only then should they be held to the standards of Aisha’s Law.

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