What is Uttering & Publishing?

A look at a criminal court docket in Michigan will show at least several defendants charged with the crime of uttering & publishing. But what does this odd sounding crime involve?

Uttering and publishing means to falsify a document in order to cheat someone. Often times this involves the passing of bad checks. The ‘intent’ to injure or defraud is a crucial element in the case against the defendant. This may be hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Uttering and publishing can involve different types of documents, such as public records, financial devices, and real estate documents.

Prepare a Defense

To defend against a charge of uttering and publishing we must determine:

  • Was the document altered?
  • How much was the document altered?
  • Did the person use the document to cheat someone
  • What was the intent of the person’s actions?

Criminal Defense Attorney

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Here is a list of the forgery and counterfeiting crimes in the Michigan Penal Code. 

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