What Will Happen To Marijuana Convictions Now That It’s Legal?

A new Michigan bill would provide relief to people with low-level marijuana misdemeanor convictions. This includes convictions for marijuana use and possession of small amounts of marijuana. This law would automatically erase those convictions – people wouldn’t be forced to go through a court process to erase the convictions

The bill would also provide a path for expungement (legal word for getting rid of a conviction) through the court process.

Who Would This Help?

There are currently 235,000 Michiganders with marijuana use and low-level possession charges on their records. This is an astonishing number considering how many people have probably  received marijuana convictions but the convictions are non-public through HYTA or 7411 (legal mechanisms to make convictions non-public – these people wouldn’t need relief from this bill because their convictions are hidden from public view). Presumably, there must be many more people in addition to the 235,000 with convictions we don’t know about because the convictions are not public.

An estimated 25,000 people have more serious marijuana crimes, such as possession with intent to deliver or manufacturing or delivery of marijuana (drug dealing).

The bill has been introduced by Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor. Other bills have been introduced that would have an effect on marijuana-type convictions. One such bill would release prisoners with marijuana convictions. Another bill would release those with marijuana crimes from probation or parole, if the marijuana crime would not now be illegal. None of these bills have advanced in the state legislature.

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Fast-Changing Marijuana Laws

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