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Where Were Drivers Arrested for DUIs in Washtenaw County in 2017?

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We can tell where drivers were arrested for operating while intoxicated by looking at the arrest statistics by police departments. Below is a breakdown of the arrest statistics by police departments in Washtenaw County for 2017.

Many of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department arrests will be in Ypsilanti Township, as the department patrols the township. The Sheriff can also of course patrol other areas throughout Washtenaw County. The Michigan State Police arrest many drivers mainly on the highways in Washtenaw County, as that is where the MSP is charged with patrolling. With a post in Brighton, there are many arrests by the MSP that will be in the western part of the county. These cases are usually charged in the 14A-3 District Court in Chelsea or the 14A-4 District Court in Saline.

The Sheriff’s Department made the highest number of OWI arrests at 313, with MSP troopers making the second highest number of arrests at 188. Ann Arbor PD came in 3rd place with 139 arrests.

Arrest Statistics by Department

  • MSP 1st District HQ 1
  • DNR Law Enforcement Div. 1
  • MSP Brighton 188
  • MSP Monroe 1
  • Sheriff’s Department 313
  • Ann Arbor PD 139
  • Chelsea PD 12
  • Eastern Michigan University PD 25
  • Milan PD 19
  • Saline PD 27
  • Ypsilanti PD 45
  • Hudson Mills Metro Park PD 1
  • University of Michigan DPS 25
  • Pittsfield Township PD 79
  • Northfield PD 11

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