Will the New CATCH Program Decrease Sexual Assaults in the Military?

The Pentagon’s new program called the “Catch Program,” is aimed at catching repeat sexual predators with the use of the accuser’s information.

The victims will not be required to file a formal report, instead the report will be restricted. Therefore, the complainant will not be subjected to the pressure and stress of a formal sexual harassment or sexual assault investigation. Accusers can provide demographic information about their attacker. For example, the attacker’s height, weight, ethnicity, identifying skin marks like tattoos or scars, and the individual’s title in the service.

What do investigators do with the identifying demographics?

The investigators will then take this information and compare it to demographics on national databases. The hope is that the more information obtained will lead investigators to repeat attackers. If a sexual assault offender is linked between the two databases the accuser will be contacted and given the opportunity to file formal charges. If the complainant still declines to file a formal report they have the option of being contacted in the future. The program will also help sexual assault victims pay hospital bills, provide them with emotional support, and obtain legal counsel.

The program was put into place after officials observed a 38% increase in sexual assaults in the military in just two short years. In 2018 the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines reported 20,500 occurrences of unwanted sexual advances. These particular occurrences included anything from inappropriate touching to rape. It is predicted that only one out of three victims report sexual assault to officials.

Officials hope that by offering complainants the option to file a restricted report that they can prevent repeat offenders from sexually assaulting others. They are also wishful that the victims will want to participate in order to protect others from their assailant.

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