Wisconsin Vaping Drug Bust

In Bristol, Wisconsin, authorities arrested Jacob Huffhines and Tyler Huffhines after they raided their condo and found 98,000 cartridges for vaping, 18 pounds of marijuana and three machines used to count money. The cartridges had counterfeit fruit and candy labels on them. In addition, mason jars containing vaping substances laced with THC were confiscated. They employed 20 employees who were instructed to fill cartridges with vaping oil. In a separate residence, authorities found cash just shy of 60,000 dollars, more drug associated paraphernalia, and more marijuana.

Marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin. In addition, Jacob was charged with cocaine possession and felon in possession of a firearm. Tyler was charged with manufacture and distribution of marijuana. A neighbor stated they witnessed individuals driving expensive cars coming and going from the condo regularly. They duo is accused of manufacturing 3,000 counterfeit cartridges a day.

What Lead to the Arrest

A teen customer is responsible for leading authorities to the Huffhines brothers. The teen was caught vaping by his parents who then took him to authorities. From there the authorities used his information to track down the brothers.

According to authorities there is an underground market for vaping paraphernalia, whether it be nicotine or THC based. This comes as the country is witness to a health epidemic of young individuals suffering serious lung complications as a result of vaping. A 17 year old male, recently hospitalized due to his vaping habits, states he would meet dealers anywhere and everywhere to crave his fix.

What is Vaping

An expert says that “pen factories” buy empty cartridges and counterfeit packaging from overseas and buy THC from the American market to complete their product.

It is believed that the additives that dealers cut the E-cigarette solution with is what does lung damage. Michigan recently banned flavored e-cigarettes. THC is not cheap, but oils used to dissolve THC are significantly less expensive. Vitamin E acetate is one of the oils that is of concern. If vitamin E acetate is not heated long enough during the vaping process it can lead to serious lung complications. Since THC is so costly the drug manufacturers cut the vaping substance with oils to make their product more profitable.

The State and Federal Government is attempting to stay ahead of the vaping causing lung scare by passing legislation to outlaw flavors appealing to our youth. However, as evident by the case above, the black market vaping industry is running rampant in our country.

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