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Ypsilanti Criminal Defense Attorney

At ArborYpsi Law, we regularly represent Ypsilanti residents charged with crimes. We are familiar with the people and the courts having been located in Ypsilanti for many years.

Eastern Michigan University

We understand the legal issues experienced by Eastern Michigan University students. Many students find themselves charged with crimes familiar to young people, including:

  • Fake ID
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Assault

Many students are understandably concerned with keeping criminal convictions off their record.

Speeding Tickets

We all get a speeding ticket or some civil infraction eventually. It can be tempting to speed down streets like Washtenaw or Michigan Ave.

Believe it or not, even this attorney has gotten a speeding ticket or two.

Don’t let these tickets go on your permanent record before speaking with an attorney. We can speak with the police officer and prosecutor to work out a deal to minimize the impact to your driver’s license.

An attorney can appear in court on your behalf – you do not need to take off work to sit around court waiting for the judge. We will do everything for you.

14A-2 and 14B District Courts

Cases that begin in Ypsilanti are split by whether the alleged offense occurred in the City of Ypsilanti or Ypsilanti Township.

Cases arising in the City of Ypsilanti are heard in the 14A-2 District Court. Judge Kirk Tabbey presides over the 14A-2 Court. The 14A-2 also has jurisdiction over cases in several districts in addition to Ypsilanti, including Superior Township.

Cases arising in Ypsilanti Township are handled in the 14B District Court. Judge Charles Pope presides over the 14B Court.

Sam Bernstein of ArborYpsi Law is an Ypsilanti lawyer who practices OWI/DUI law and criminal defense.

Call 734-883-9584 or e-mail at bernstein@arborypsilaw.com to speak with Sam Bernstein.

ArborYpsi Law is located at 2750 Carpenter Rd #2, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

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