Ypsilanti Township Pit Bull and Dog Law

In Ypsilanti Township, it is a misdemeanor to own a pit bull that is not spayed or neutered.

Exceptions to The Rule

The prohibitions against unspayed or unneutered have some exceptions:

  • This does not apply to pit bulls under the age of 16 weeks
  • Pit bulls registered with the AKC or UKC and that appear in dog shows sponsored by those associations at least once a year
  • A pit bull with a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition whose health will be seriously, permanently and detrimentally affected if it is spayed or neutered
  • A dog certified by the Humane Society of Huron Valley as having less than five of the below listed characteristics of most pit bulls.

What is a Pit Bull Exactly?

The Ypsilanti Township Ordinance defines pit bull as;

  • An American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Or a dog having 5 of the 8 following characteristics;

  • Head is medium length, with a broad skull and very pronounced cheek muscles, a wide, deep muzzle, a well-defined, moderately deep stop, and strong under jaw. Viewed from the front the head is shaped like a broad, blunt wedge.
  • Eyes are round to almond shaped, are low in the skull and set far apart.
  • Ears are set high. Un-cropped ears are short and usually held rose or half prick, though some hold them at full prick.
  • Neck is heavy and muscular, attached to strong, muscular shoulders.
  • Body is muscular, with a deep, broad chest, a wide front, deep brisket, well-sprung ribs, and slightly tucked loins.
  • Tail is medium length and set low, thick at the base, tapering to a point.
  • Hindquarters are well muscled, with hocks, set low on the legs.
  • Coat is a singled coat, smooth, short and close to the skin.

Again, a dog having less than 5 of the above characteristics, certified by a veterinarian from the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Nuisance Animals in Ypsilanti Township

It is a misdemeanor to have a nuisance animal in Ypsilanti Township. A nuisance animal is defined as animal;

  • That frequently barks, howls, yelps, growls, or makes other noises that unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of persons in the vicinity.
  • Chases or snaps at a pedestrian, bicyclist or vehicle.
  • Defecates on private or public property, other than its owner’s, and the animal owner fails to remove the feces deposited by the animal.
  • Attacks or bites a person. The person must be lawfully on the property where the attack or bite occurs. This subsection does not apply to an animal tormented or provoked by the person.
  • Attacks or bites a domesticated animal while the domesticated animal is on its owner’s property or under the lawful control of its owner.
  • Charges a person in a manner that restricts the person’s freedom of movement by placing the person in reasonable fear of an imminent attack. The person must be lawfully on the property where the charge occurs. This doesn’t apply to an animal tormented by the person.
  • Molests passers-by or persons on adjoining property by viciously, continuously, and aggressively barking or growling unless the dog is securely confined in a manner which ensures that the dog cannot escape the premises.
  • Causes an offensive stench, odor or smell which extends into the property of another. This provision shall not apply to farm animals (horses, cattle, sheep and chickens).

Dog at Large

It is a misdemeanor in the township to have a dog at large.

A dog at large means a dog that is not in an enclosure, or is otherwise not under physical control, or is not under the control of the owner or other responsible person by means of a leash, cord, chain or other means of physical restraint.

Tethering a Dog to a Stationary Object

It is a misdemeanor to tether a dog to a stationary object in certain prohibited ways. A dog that is tethered to a stationary object such as a tree or pole must;

  • Be on a leash that is at least three times the length of the dog.
  • Not be more than one eighth of the dog’s weight, and cannot inhibit the dog’s movement.
  • Not cause injury to the dog or cause entanglement with other objects.

Read a full listing of the Ypsilanti Township Code Here.

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14B District Court of Ypsilanti Township

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