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Call us for criminal defense help in the 14A-3 District Court of Chelsea. 

Being charged with a crime is a stressful experience. Call us today and we will explain your options and the law in a straightforward manner.

Criminal Defense in Chelsea

Chelsea DUI Attorney

  • OWI Case Dismissed. The client was charged with DUI – 2.5 years after his arrest. We filed a motion to dismiss.
  • Helped many clients secure plea deals to save driver’s license sanctions.

Chelsea Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A very active Michigan State Police Post in Brighton nearby means we get lots of calls from people who have received tickets.

Call us to see your options. We can appear in court for you. No need for you take off work and sit around waiting for the court to start. 

ArborYpsi Law Guarantee

Our clients always receive same-day callbacks or return e-mails. We do not take your money and run, and then pressure you into a plea deal. We treat every case as important because it’s important to you.

Contact Us – To Speak with a Chelsea Criminal Defense Lawyer

Call Sam Bernstein at 734-883-9584 or e-mail at

ArborYpsi Law is located at 4158 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

Initial Consultation is free. 

Learn the Law and Your Rights

The 14A-3 District Court of Chelsea

The 14A-3 District Court in Chelsea handles all civil infractions and misdemeanor cases arising in Dexter, Webster, Sylvan, Scio, Northfield, Lyndon, Lima, and Chelsea. Judge Richard Conlin presides over the court. Preliminary Examinations in felony cases are held at the 14A-1 District Court service center in Ann Arbor.