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Client Reviews

Unfortunately, I have an extensive criminal background. While on probation I was charged with additional 3 felonies and two misdemeanors. Sam help me avoid prison and got me an outcome that was favorable for me. Sam showed genuine concern about my past and helped me create a path going forward. Having multiple legal troubles, I have had experienced many different attorneys and I can say by far Sam is the best attorney! Sam was available when I needed him and made me feel very comfortable with expressing my mental health and other private issues. Sam strategy was unique and effective. I'm very thankful for Mr. Bernstein and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best outcome for their legal troubles!

– Anonymous

Excellent Results Without Worry!

I have used Sam’s services twice now with amazing results! For my first offense, a misdemeanor, Sam was able to get the case made non-public with the absolute minimal probationary period. During this probationary period, I was charged with a second offense which Sam was able to get dismissed due to his awesome recommendations during the process! He was able to spell out, down to the T, exactly what was going to happen during this process. He was able to answer any and all questions I had, which helped keep my worried mindset at ease during difficult times. In the end, I came out unscathed and I can’t thank Sam enough! I highly recommend him!

– Anonymous

Worth his Weight in Gold!

I hired Sam for a family member that needed some help in a hurry and he took a late night call from me, heard my story and made himself available for court the next morning without hesitating. He is professional , courteous and eager to help. After a few months of dates in court and figuring things out we are done and blessed to have the things we do because of Sam!

– Anonymous

Excellent Service & Results

Sam was very engaged from day 1 in understanding the specifics of my situation from multiple angles and was able to break down the situation in a way that I was able to understand from a non-attorney perspective. He provided a clear recommendation which was based on his experience and understanding of the court system and was able to bring my situation to a fair closure.

– Anonymous

The Best Lawyer Anyone Can Ever Ask for

Sam was a helpful lawyer who is a man of his word. He helped in our cases 2 times in a row with successful outcomes. I could not think of a better lawyer who is always on time to court, good attitude, smart, and honest. He is respectful and answers all of the questions we had. Two cases were both a success thanks to Sam

– Gigi

Believed in Me From Day 1

Sam was an amazing lawyer. I made many phone calls to many different lawyers. Once meeting with Sam i knew he believed my innocence from the beginning and i truly felt like i had made the best decision. Sam always answered my questions and together we decided what would be brought up in trial. Sam helps his clients know what to expect when trial comes. Trial day came for us and Sam, prosecutor and Judge decided on an outcome that never required me to plea guilty to anything (i hadn’t done anything) and was the best possible outcome for me. I was wrongly accused and the outcome allowed me to keep my job and my license. Sam will fight hard for his clients. I will recommend him to anyone.

– Anonymous

Sam is a highly effective and compassionate lawyer; a rare combination. He ably represented our son, who struggled with severe mental heath and drug addiction issues, and was instrumental in getting him transferred to the Washtenaw Mental Health Court System, where he successfully completed probation. We are most grateful for Sam's expert assistance and we highly recommend him.

– Anonymous

"I had a case that's took almost 3 years. Sam was attentive and kept me informed and optimistic the entire time , even after I began to get discouraged. He ended saving me a lot of money. He is a great lawyer but more important he is a great person. Thanks Sam you are the best."

– Anonymous

"License Restoration: They ALL said it could NOT be done!! I was dropped by a well known attorney out of Lansing that told me I would never get my license back. Many people in the legal world said I would never get my license back on the first pass through the Secretary of State. I was super upset and scared. I had a 17 page driving record. I was searching for an attorney, and I found Sam on here. Praise the Lord I did! Sam is really down to earth. He gives it to you straight. He told me, "your case is going to be very difficult because of your charges, but I like a challenge. Let's give 'em a good fight". I don't think you can ask anything more from a good advocate. I am the type of person to pepper people with questions. Sam was patient, available for questions, always responded quickly, and most importantly, he was kind. He was empathetic to how stressful my situation was. He was very reasonably priced. Sam really walked through every step of my case with me. He also had a great evaluator to send me to. He knows where to send you for all the steps in this very daunting process. He knows how to handle this special kind of case. We just got the win!!! I am approved for a restricted license! We got it on the first try!:) Sam is still answering questions for me to help me get through the last few Secretary of State hurdles to get me on the road. Sam is a great guy and attorney. He really is a great advocate! His wife also did an amazing job decorating his office, so it has a very calming effect, which is nice when you're going through a court case. I would highly recommend Sam as your attorney. I will be using his services again in the future, and I am telling all my friends to hire him as well. I am so glad Sam is my attorney. Give him a shot. You won't regret it!"

- Kristy

"I found myself in a bit of a sticky wicket with the TSA and Wayne County Sheriffs department after a knife was found in my carryon bag at a checkpoint in the McNamara Terminal at DTW early one morning. Never being in trouble with law enforcement, I felt I needed the expertise of a criminal defense attorney to help guide and navigate me through the system(s). I simply Googled Criminal Defense Attorneys near my zip code, and landed on Mr. Bernstien's website. The positive reviews were off the charts so I decided to give him a call. Right out of the gate, he called back on a simple website inquiry within a few hours. One in-person consultation was all it took to retain his services. Cost was very reasonable parallel to the outcome. Mr. Bernstien managed to reduce some very service charges, both locally and Federally, to something very acceptable with both entities. I cannot thank Sam enough for what he was able to accomplish. He maintained a positive attitude through the whole process, thus instilling in me a positive attitude towards the whole debacle. I would highly encourage anyone facing these sort of serious consequences (charges) to hire Mr. Bernstien to help guide and maneuver you through the legal system as if it weren't for his help, I would have most likely suffered a much greater penalty. Thanks to Sam, my name remains clean and untarnished. Mr. Bernstien is an ethical, dedicated and self motivated legal professional who will help you in a way that will make you feel confident your case will be managed by someone who knows the legal system, and will fight for your rights better than anyone I think I could have ever called! As I would highly recommend his services, I would equally return as a client should I ever find myself in another compromising circumstance. Furthermore, I would trust his referral(s) in any other matters outside the criminal defense arena. Thanks Sam, I honestly think I couldn't have found a better attorney to help me with such a serious case! Should I ever be in need of any type of legal services, no matter what they may be, you can bet I'll be dialing your number, and also referring you to all my family & friends. Thanks again!!"


Super Lawyer!

Sam was great! Definitely recommended! He is highly professional and patient, a good listener to his client. It was always fruitful at each meeting with good efficiency to work out things. Also, he is skillful in providing valuable advise in the process to make critical decision, as well as a master of dealing with difficult situation and complex cases. Justice is something that needs to fight for. We had two cases with him both facing the challenge brought by poor functionality of the system as well as the potential injustice from social prejudice. He exposed the lies made by the retaliating party in court. With his help, we won both cases(one through trial) and let the justice prevail in the end.

– Kwan

He did Way More Than Expected for My Son

“It has been a couple of days since Sam represented my son in Washtenaw County. He gave me the miracle I prayed for. He did way more than I thought was possible and as I told him on the phone I would hug him if I could. If you ever need a good lawyer, this guy is the one to hire – and his prices are very very reasonable. I wish him much prosperity and a good life. He made my life happy for the first time in a long time and I cannot thank him enough.”

– Linda

Not Just Another Client

“Sam Bernstein defended me when a person made false assault and battery allegations against me. He made sure that I had all the information I needed in order to make the decision on whether or not to take a plea bargain or go to trial.

When I chose to go to trial he began researching right away, so he could make sure that I had the best defense possible. During the four months before trial, Sam would periodically call me to see if I had any questions or concerns. Sam always was able to answer my questions, and I always felt confident about my case after speaking with him. I could tell he cared about my case just as much as I did. He was always open to suggestions regarding what I thought would be important points to bring up in his questioning.

I met with him a week before the trial and he went over the process in detail me. During the trial, he was confident and asked great questions, which I believe helped the jury see the truth in the situation. When the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty Sam appeared to be just as happy as I was.

During this long process, Sam was always available to speak with me, so I never felt like I was just another client to him.”

– Amanda

Very Professional Attorney

“I was recently charged with a misdemeanor. Sam was extremely professional and quick to respond to all of my questions. He took it to trial and the prosecutor dismissed the case! I was very happy with him as my lawyer. I would highly recommend him!”

– Karen in Westland

Outstanding Representation

“I was unjustly arrested by the police and was charged with disorderly conduct. The next day, I was on the phone with Sam. From the beginning, he was extremely attentive to the details of the case, and he helped put my mind at ease more than once. Leading up to the potential trial, Sam covered every angle while preparing our defense. He always made himself available if I needed to talk to him or if I ran into any issues. We met more than once to discuss our defense. Sam went to great lengths to contact potential witnesses. In doing so, he was able to obtain enough information and evidence to convince the prosecution to dismiss the case outright. I was extremely impressed with Sam’s ability and professionalism, and give him a 100% recommendation to anyone needing representation.”

– Anonymous in Northville

A ‘Real’ Criminal Defense Lawyer

“I was charged with two 1-year misdemeanors and was facing trial. Unfortunately, no one can predict a guaranteed outcome of a trial acquittal. Thanks to Sam, when it was all said and done, those two charges were dismissed and I ended up walking away with a fine on a single charge reduced to a 93-day misdemeanor without jail time or probation. Sam is amazingly humble, honest, caring, patient, affordable, effective and equipped with a real gifted mind to handle complex things at ease. Sam is also quiet at your best interest when needed with much care. Sam’s profile and resume literally match his capabilities without the hype, too. Sam have the right to profess himself as a ‘real’ criminal defense lawyer when reading ‘about’ Sam. So far, nothing but continual 5-star ratings from others. Nothing less. If you ever decide to hire him, you’ll see why. I was amazed about his popularity and the respect this man gets from other attorneys, prosecutors, police officers and others. When you are that good, people can’t help but to give recognition and the utmost respect.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Great Attorney

“Sam was a great and very helpful attorney for me, he clearly communicated to me all the details of my possession case, and what I had to do for the court. He explained my options and did his job well. Luckily my case was dismissed, but Sam still went to court on the date to assure that and that everything went as it should. I highly recommend anyone to hire Sam Bernstein to represent them for quality legal service.”

Sam is the Best!

“The case I was going through was my first time dealing with the court system. Working with Sam Bernstein was really fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, he listens, he goes above and beyond for you and does it all with a smile. He is always very accessible and willing to talk about the case, answer questions, etc. I hope to never need to hire an attorney again, but if I do, I’m calling Sam!”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

The Lawyer Who Actually Listens

“I had a failure to yield ticket few weeks back and was looking for someone to help me get through that. I spoke with quite a few attorneys who were either busy or not ready to hear me out. He was quite comfortable to communicate with and gave specific recommendations regarding the case. Eventually helped me to replace the ticket.”

– Anonymous in Ypsilanti

Thirty Two Year Old Felony Charges Dismissed

“I reside in Colorado Springs, CO., My employer contacted me re: Felony Charges that showed up on my FBI Fingerprint/ Background check. They required me to resolve this immediately, unable to return back to work til this was resolved. These charges stemmed from my college days in Ann Arbor, MI.. The next day i contacted Mr. Sam Bernstein ( Local Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI ) by phone. Mr. Bernstein took time to listen to my situation which was quite complex because 1) Involved Felony Charges from 32 years ago 2) Logistics After accepting me as a client, Mr. Bernstein went immediately to work on my behalf. Kept me updated whenever something pertinent was discovered. Shared honestly what could happen, what the timeline may be, strategies that were to be of my best interest.

The Felony Charges were ultimately ‘Dismissed’. Mr. Sam Bernstein was able to resolve this in less than two months. This was all handled long-distance. Not only am I ecstatic with the result, but am so impressed with his honesty, integrity, diligence, knowledge, compassion. These are all traits we especially expect from Attorney’s, but often find lacking, but in Mr. Sam Bernstein, you will recognize all these.”

– Anonymous in Colorado

Great Service

“Mr Bernstein helped me get my license back. He was very professional and on time with everything.I would recommend and use hem again if needed.”

– Walter in Ann Arbor

Highly Recommended

“Sam was very thorough throughout my case and was able to get the results I wanted. I would recommend him for anyone needing legal representation.”

– Sandra in Ypsilanti

Excellent Attorney

“Sam Bernstein has been my attorney since June 2017 for several different cases I’ve had going on. Sam will give you a whole new perspective on lawyers. I wasn’t sure what to expect during the consultation, I had never needed legal help before and Sam was understanding easy to talk to. He is always very responsive to emails, phone calls and text messages (never took longer than 24 hrs. To get back in touch with me). In the court room, you can see that Sam truly cares through his heart felt opening and closing statments. When it comes to creating a plan of action, Sam has never made me feel like he was rushing to get me out of the office and spends as much time with me as needed to get every detail to help my case. If you want an attorney who cares, Sam Bernstein is the right choice.”

– Anonymous in Pontiac

Great Lawyer and Individual

“I got in touch with Sam after receiving a misdemeanor ticket. From the first meeting, he had a very clear plan on how to handle my case and he followed it through till the last stages. Such patience, skill and level-headedness shown by an attorney is always reassuring for the client. He was always available to discuss the case and very responsive whenever my family or I tried to get in touch with him. If you want the outcome you desire for your case, I’d unequivocally recommend Sam.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Best Lawyer Ever

“Best lawyer in town thats for real mr Sam worked on my DV case and everything he did and every advise he gave me was right on the place he got always the best answer for any question you have and best advise mr Sam myself and my family really glad for your help. And we are together now once again cuz of you . thank you”

– Anonymous in Ypsilanti

Best Decision, Highly Recommend

“I’ve never been in trouble with the law before, and getting caught with marijuana was the most horrifying thing that could happen to me. I was worried that my charge would effect my chances in getting into Medical School. Sam was extremely helpful and explained everything to me. I hired him because he knew what he was doing and thankfully we were able to resolve the case. Without a doubt I would recommend Sam, hiring him was the best decision I made. He is easy to work with and he genuinely wants the best for you. In the future if I land into anymore trouble I would know who to contact.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Extremely Helpful, Very Personable and Highly Effective

“I reached out to Sam for my traffic violation after reading his reviews on this site. He was very prompt in responding to me and answering my many questions. He has an intimate knowledge of the court system and explained the process as well as next steps. Sam is by your side at every step of the process. He is highly effective, very professional and was a great help. I would highly recommend him!”

– Anonymous in Ypsilanti

Would Strongly Recommend

“After an incident with law enforcement resulted in a ticket, I was absolutely terrified. I consulted nearly 25 different lawyers and ended up choosing Sam. Despite being worried about the outcome of the case, Sam was extremely compassionate and understood my concerns. He laid out all possibilities and collaborated with me on the best option for my longterm goal. He was extremely punctual in his responses when contacted either by email or text. In court, Sam was regarded highly by his colleagues, both by the judge and the prosecutor. Furthermore, his unwavering persistence with the prosecutor resulted in the charge being amended to a speeding ticket which was far better than the original charge. Sam was an extremely down to earth attorney who I would highly recommend.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Highly Recommend

“Sam is great attorney and overall good guy. In a period of a lot of pain and confusion, Sam listened to all concerns and promptly responded to all my emails and texts. I could tell that he was invested in my case and truly cared about the outcome. Fortunately, the charges were dissmed on my case. I would highly recommend him for anyone going through a tough time and needing an experienced and thoughtful attorney.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Traffic Ticket

“I recently received a traffic ticket that could have resulted in addition of 3 points to my record.

I contacted Sam in hopes of getting it resolved in the court. Sam was prompt in feedback and recommended that I take a defensive driving course to strengthen the case. He was able to answer all my questions promptly and explained the entire process patiently and without getting frustrated.

Sam was also able to get the ticket dismissed for a 0 point traffic ticket. It was great working with Sam during this whole process. Sam thanks for all the help and time you put into this case.”

– Anonymous in Ypsilanti

Unwaivering Confidence is What You Get When Samuel Jacob Bernstein Represents You!

“Mr. Bernstein was confident in my innocence from the moment he heard my story to the moment we won the case. His assured attitude gave me the guts to stand my ground in court and his brilliant line of questioning toward the prosecution was the icing on the cake. I would have been wrongly convicted of domestic violence had Mr. Bernstein not exuded the confidence in my case that he did. I will be forever thankful to him and his office for keeping me on the right side of the law and my innocence unmarked. Thank you!”

– Faith

Got the Job Done

“Mr. Bernstein did a great job of laying out a sensible game plan and was very professional and timely. At the same time, he did a great job being personal when it was required as well. Overall, it was a pleasure working with him and would definitely recommend him.”

– Howard

Great Lawyer, Humble and Honest

“Sam did a fantastic job of managing my expectations and being prepared while he represented me. He was very thorough and gave me great advice. I have the sense that most lawyers are very self centered and not client centered. That is not Sam. He was open to questions, phone calls, and texts at any time through out my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

I Can Drive Again!

“I lost my license a while back due to my second OWI. I recently went through the tedious process of applying for my license and the beginning of that process is finding yourself an attorney.

When I was eligible to apply I called numerous lawyers in my area to ask about their costs, the process, etc. After talking to what felt like 100 lawyers and not being completely satisfied with any of my options and not wanting to sell my kidneys to be able to afford one….I stumbled upon Sam Bernstein.

I called Sam and set up a time to meet for a consultation. When I went to meet with Sam the biggest difference I noticed with him vs the plethora of other lawyers I’ve met with…he actually listened to me and seemed to genuinely care. He didn’t talk over me, he didn’t speak legal jargon that would easily confuse me and I wouldn’t understand and he didn’t try to rush through the consultation. He took his time, answered all of my questions and walked me through the things that I would need to get done and all the information I needed.

Let me tell you, this process is not a quick one. It takes time and it was nerve wracking for me and Sam was extremely patient and helpful. He took his time and looked over everything I had to submit and would give me his advice, he answered all of my questions whenever I had any (which was always) and he made sure I understood everything and never left me feeling uncertain and he even took time to sit down with me and go over the hearing process and talk me through what was going to happen and prepare me mentally for everything.

When we went in front of the Hearing officer I was confident. I was prepared and knew what I was up against and I was confident in Sam’s abilities to defend my case.

I was approved by one of the hardest hearing officers in Michigan on my first try and Sam even followed up with me afterwards to congratulate me.

I am more than satisfied with Sam’s services and I would highly recommend him!”

– Jessica


“Sam took my call and consulted me immediately. He provided fair pricing for the legal services I was requiring. I hired him about a week before my case, he still took on the case load and did amazing work. He is an excellent attorney and a friendly person to be in the court room with when you’re in a stressful situation.”

– Devon

Passionate Trial Attorney

“I have seen Mr. Bernstein in court many times. He is one of the most competent trial attorneys I have ever seen. His ability to passionately and articulately deliver his client’s argument is extraordinary. He is a competent and zealous advocate who effortlessly garners the trust of juries, judges, and his clients alike. His ethical integrity is beyond reproach and has consistently demonstrated a broad knowledge of the law. I will never use another criminal attorney if Mr. Bernstein is available to take my case and I always recommend his services to friends and family, who, after working with Mr. Bernstein, would surely agree with me.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Excellent Attorney

“I was recently represented by Sam Bernstein. He did a great job! He was patient, kind, answered every call and actually listened to me. The case went just as he assured me it would. It made all the difference having him on my side. He was so impressive in fact, a man (another defendant) ran after him at court asking for his card. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a good lawyer!”

– Carly


“Sam was helpful, informed, organized, smart and nice. He made the process smooth and easy.”

– Anonymous in Ann Arbor

Excellent Work, Highly Recommended

“Mr. Bernstein is an excellent attorney and I recommend him highly and with all my enthusiasm. He helped with my traffic ticket, got the ticket price reduced and got the points canceled. He was always available, prompt, highly professional and caring. I would not recommend anyone else other than Mr. Berstein for all the legal advice. He is an exceptionally trusted and truly able attorney”.

– Anonymous in Romulus

Excellent Service!

“I’ve had the pleasure and pure luck of finding Mr. Bernstein for a number of legal issues. I’ve retained legal council in the past but I’ve always felt that there was something missing from the experience. Sam, in the best of sense, has always gone above and beyond – uncovering aspects of the law that I feel many would have easily looked past. His determination, timeliness and overall attitude of professionalism is exactly why I not only return but also recommend to everyone I can.”

– Lawrence S

Sam is a Great Lawyer

“I had hired Sam for my divorce and he understood my situation in settlement . he is an experienced lawyer and I helped me in all stages of the step involved. I have still retained him incase I require him”

– Parag

Best Experience Yet

“Sad to say, I have been in too many court rooms and dealt with too many lawyers to even count. Some as a result of my doing and others not. Sam handling my case is the 1st time i’ve felt comfortable that my case is been handled properly and reduces my anxiety. We haven’t always had the outcome I hoped for every time but i have not doubted Sam once and his calm demeanor makes me extremely calm. He is easily accessible and I am 100% comfortable with him and with the fact that he works hard for me as a client. By far the best experience I have had with a lawyer yet.”

– Anonymous in Livonia

Meeting All of our Needs

“Sam has helped my family with multiple services. He first helped me with the estate of my great-grandmother. She was in the hospital and it was deemed necessary for her to have a guardian. I needed to move quickly to prevent the State from becoming guardian. Sam was very timely and thorough in helping me through this process. I was granted custody and able to ensure her estate was executed in her wishes. Secondly, Sam has helped me every step of the way in starting my business. He made sure I had the proper paperwork filed with the State, reviewed my lease, and has always been available to answer questions and concerns regarding my business. I am extremely satisfied with the service that Sam has provided.”

– Robert

Glad That Sam was my Lawyer

“I definitely chose the right guy. Hired Sam to help with a custody matter. From the very beginning he was attentive and personable; it was clear he really cared about me and my case. As the process moved forward he was well-prepared and very accessible—even answering my phone calls while sitting in court. He accomplished the things that I’d hired him to do and I’ll hire him again if the need arises.”

– Nathan

So Thankful!

“He did all my paperwork in a timely manor and the price was unbeatable I have 2 kids and it can be extremely costly, I don’t have crazy amounts of money so he was a perfect fit for us! Everything was done right the first time and i am now happily divorced thanks to him! I was able to call and text anytime I needed without hassle, which was a big deal for me! Thank you so much”

– Megan